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  • There's a certain new tutorial which is not only terribly un-useful as written, but despite being released earlier today has almost 3,000 (update: over 8K views). I refreshed it after a period of five minutes and it had almost 200 additional views.

    I'm pretty sure this tutorial just needs to be taken down and the individual to have their profile/rep ... adjusted.

  • That kind of thing is what the arcade's example section is for. I recommended him to post that there

  • I agree

  • I'm guessing this is the one, that only 2 people have added as a favorite, but has over 30,000 views, (and counting)...Bit odd...

    Cheats should be booted off the forums...

  • Indeed, that's the one. Did you see his last comment about how, if his tutorial is so bad, why does he have more views than anyone else on the site? It's called "there's a book on his F5 key."

  • Well this tutorial is now gone and ashesh has one more PM in his inbox.

    The "taunt" in caps lock was really too much.

    For the rep it's up to

  • Kyatric taking care of business. Modding must be weird sometimes.

  • The new tutorial system currently is logging unique IP views (but this is currently hidden in the background). It's my aim to list this as the view count and not each page views as it currently does. This should make scamming the view counts a lot harder.

  • That will certainly cut virtually all the scamming out. It does change the tutorial view metric to how many users wanted to see it at least once. Are you interested in finding a way to still measure how much ongoing value a tutorial has? For example, a beginner's guide to platform games or an in-depth discussion of design best practices may hold continuing value from repeated views, whereas a simple "check X to do Y" tutorial has one-time value, but depending on how views are counted, they might have exactly the same views.

  • Sheesh, his new one's up to 3,600 views since this afternoon. At least this one is almost valuable, even if it just restates information from other tutorials ...

  • another badge on the way already at 5.6 k views within 24 hours with Tom's original tutorial on the same subject wrote two years ago at 9k !!

    its a joke

  • Looks like someone's got the ion cannon aimed at Scirra.

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  • "How to make a good tutorial"... The irony is killing me...

  • The amount of views the articles receives is an effective DDOS on our server which is possibly why it's been slower and less responsive recently.

    There's a small group of IP's which are the culprits, which I've banned from our server and have currently no intention of unbanning.

    The user in question has not accessed our website as far as we can tell with any of the IPs in the DDos. We'll be monitoring the situation though.

    I'm also currently working to change the article view count to be based on unique IP address views which should stop similar situations in the future. Please bear with me.

  • Just a quick note, the view count changing will be completed shortly, but wont be uploaded for a little while so please bear with me.

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