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  • Ok, thanks, Tom! It seems like a lot of tutorials may have repeat value which should be captured in some way ... like when I go back to Building a Platform Game, or Guide to Construct 2's Advanced Event Features.

    But I realize it's a tough call, and between denial-of-service spamming and miscellaneous scamming, no solution's perfect, although it may be good enough. Running a software development company AND a community is no joke. =P

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  • This is now fixed.

    Badges for translations and tutorials are now issued on "Visitors" which is a count of unique IP addresses.

    The two tutorials with artifically inflated page views have been reset.

    Because we're changing the way these badges are awarded, some of you might lose a few badges but you'll get them back I'm sure if you wait a little to get your unique visitor counts up.

    Unique visitor counts were also only being recorded over the last few weeks or so, so if your tutorial is old I'm afraid it might not represent the true figure, again though if you wait I'm sure all the tutorials that deserve the badges will eventually receive them.

  • Great step. Out of curiosity, since it's now unique visitors instead of page view, might the average number of unique visitors to the site daily or over time play into adjusting the number of views required? I know there are thousands of us, but if there are only 1,000 regular users in a two-week period or so, having 500 unique views might actually be more of a "Well-Known" tutorial, having reached 50% of the active community.

    Additionally, if 201 people would kindly wander over to my tutorial, that would be wonderful. I'll bribe you by upvoting your comments and feedback [grin].

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