[SOLVED]Please help, forum is messed up!!!:(

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  • Hello World,

    So this morning when I left the house everything was normal and beautiful. When I came back and decided to check the forums some more(refreshed the page) I now noticed it has changed!!!

    Please tell me there is a way to revert back to the way it used to be!!! Beside the fact that this new look is aweful and buggy as hell I olso have OCD. And one of the problems people with OCD have to deal with is that we really can't suffer change!!!

    If I won't be able to revert back to the old look then I'm afraid eventually I'll have to stop using the forum altogheter.... And I really don't want that to happen, it would be disastrous!!

    I don't think I have any pics with the old look(maybe from now on I should start taking screenshots of all the sites I use just to be sure) but here are some screens with the new look so you can see what I mean:

    Please help. Thank you.

  • Hello people.

    I just noticed a bit of an issue with the forums where there seemed to be no formatting; similar to when a page loads incorrectly due to a slow connection. However, it was fine this morning, and other sites seem to be working perfectly.

    Here are the symptoms I have found so far:

    -Title bar links are on separate lines, no graphics for them either

    -Large red bar across some pages

    -BBcode buttons don't work, but can be manually added

    -Images sometimes don't display

    -Pages take much longer to load

    Anyone else found this?

  • Also, there's no edit button.

  • Yeah i am also seeing the same thing I think somewhere the code got deleted and shifted everything over either that or the website server got fucked

  • Likely a temporary issue Tom will fix soonish enough (possibly tomorrow).

    It doesn't seem as bad in FF for me to be honest. A few modifications indeed, but the forums are still browsable.

    Unless it is because I still have a lot of the CSS/format file in cache.

    It feels like there is an issue with the image server/serving mostly.

  • Look at the source code :





    <meta http-equiv="........

    seems no CSS or styles defined...

  • Looks like someone is upgrading the forum base code.

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  • I thought it is just me lol

  • Yeah, seeing the same thing on Chrome on Win8.1 and Safari on iOS 8. Hopefully it gets fixed soon

  • I think I accidentally broke the server, but Tom has fixed it now!

  • Yaaaaay, it's back!!! Just the way I love it. Shame on you Ashley , shaaameeeee.

  • Poor Tom to do your work Ashley. LOL

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