Scirra - Please consider Front Paging standout games :)

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  • Hi Ashley + Scirra team

    I just read your blog post, regarding promoting developers games via social media, and I have to say - I love you guys!

    I just wanted to ask, whether you would consider 'Front Paging' standout games on the Scirra website?

    I think this would lead a lot of newcomers, to form a quicker decision, on whether to use the software or not. It would also provide some proof/inspiration, to people having problems in getting their games on mobile etc.

    I think this a great opportunity and works both ways. It is free advertising for Scirra/C2, and it helps developers in return.

    Please let us know whether this is something you would be willing to implement in the near future

    PS. Thank you for an awesome product!

  • There are 5 games on

  • They already mentioned about it in the blog.

    At some point in the future we might address the games featured on our website - but not at the moment.

    My guess is once the initial rush of devs contacting them about social media promotion dies down, they'll probably pick out the best few games to feature on the website.

  • spacedoubt - the same games have been there for as long as I can remember - people like seeing fresh stuff. I'm not saying remove them, just update with new content and keep some sort of special page dedicated to standout content.

    OddConfection - thanks for the heads up, I've somehow missed that Hopefully it will be considered in the future.

  • It was suggested before. In my opinion Scirra needs to update it's website to showcase more games made with it. And I'm not saying this to promote those games, but to show what can be done with this engine. I don't think that they should wait for C3 to redesign parts of the website.

  • +100 I been saying this for a while!!

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  • glerikud - I 100% agree! I'm not saying, make the front page a portal. I think Scirra should be selective and only put up polished games. Also, I'm not talking about hosting the games either - only put up screenshots + links to the respective websites or stores.

    I think that the Clickteam front page is a really good example of this. They have a slider where they feature new "Standout'" games. A similar setup would be very easy to do and would give newcomers and people struggling, the needed confidence in the product.

    I love C2, and wish there was an easier way for people who visit the site, to find 'the cream of the crop', instead of having to search through the forums.

    PS. I do love the new Social Media Promotion - that is awesome, so again thank you Scirra

  • We want to, but it takes a lot of web design and co-ordination to sort out each game, and we're always super busy so it's hard to fit it all in.

    Hopefully as Laura's post shows we're still trying to help with promotion!

  • Moved to "Website issues", because in the end the topic is about a feature/design suggestion for the website.

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