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  • For some odd reason, there is a glitch that my days in a row just keeps getting up every time i either visit another page from this forum or site or refresh any page from this forum/site(and eventually i get some badge for no reason), and i'm really getting tired of getting "days in a row" badges without even logging in with actual days in a row!

    By the way, i have been logged on for 1 actual day for a row.. But it says i have been logged in with 80 days in a row....

    Could someone fix this, please?

    [EDIT]: It seems like that i even got the "Fanatic" badge for no reason.... Could someone fix this glitch and then reset my "days in a row" counter and badges?

    [EDIT 2]: My days in a row stopped counting up for some reason, so this post does not matter anymore as long as my "days in a row" counter gets reset, however, i still want my "days in a row" badges to be reset.

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