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  • I give up. I have had so many errors when trying to post or reply, that I pronounce these forums dead.

    Because posting always fails the first 2 or 3 times, and you have to cut your text, find the post, edit it again, post your old message back in, i just overwrote this huge post I did detailing all the problems with this forum system, and the patterms I have seen, statistics, etc.

    I have no more energy to use this broken forum SW.

    In summary (once again, I havetyped this about 10 times alreay) there are three errors produced when you try and sumbit a new post or edit an existing one:

    1) permissions err:


    Only members with sufficient permission can access this page"

    2) session error (when there is nothing wrong with my session)

    "The form has not been submitted because there are problems with the form.

    Please correct the problem(s) and re-sumbit the form.

    The following field(s) need to be corrected:-


    Your sessions has expired...


    3) Next to the "update post" or "Post new topic" you get a "connect error occurred" or similar.

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  • I have the following statistics from the last few days:

    Number of posts which worked: 2

    Number of attempted posts with error 1): 23

    number of attempted posts with error 2): 35

    The C2 forum System is broken.

  • I noticed the following patterns:

    1) If I type quickly (e.g. <2 mins), I usually get the permissions error.

    2) If I take time writing the post (e.g. 10 mins), i am more likely to get the session error.

    3) Sometimes, I can hit back, and resubmit, but usually I ahve to start from the beginning.

  • I expect the problem is a networking Issue with the C2 forum servers.

    E.g. a load balancer not manging sticky sessions correctly, or a load balancer induced loop (happens when the route back is different from the route in)a

    My Network and PC are rock solid: I have multiple VPN, ssh and oracle database sessions open all day without issue, and these are VERY sensitive to network glitches.

  • In writing this post and its replies, I had more than 15 such errors, requiring me to restart my browser twice, and re-post many times.

    Something which should take 10 minutes takes an hour, and wastes our time.

  • Does anyone else have this, or is it just me?

  • There are many forum systems out here, most with significantly better markup (or mark down), including auto creating links for URLS, WYSIWYG, drag and drop images, etc. How about switching to one which works, and works with more features?

  • I had this for like 1 years , but I never really complained

    I guess you just need to live with it

    A tip is to stop always asking for help and start doing stuff yourself , I guess...

  • I do think this happens to everyone. If you look at the "website issues" section of the forum there is on average one topic per page about the issue. The oldest is on page 30 of the 31 pages, which shows that it's been around for a while.

  • I've had the session timed out as I typed up a post in about 4 minutes probably. I doubt it's just you. I suspect it is more of a configuration issue that needs addressed.

  • Ashley, could this problem be load balancing to multiple forum servers without sticky sessions?

    Or possible circular routing through the load balancer?

  • test4

  • it happens a lot, check previous threads, some days are better than others.

  • Tom is in charge of the website and, as mentioned, it's a known issue that has been around for a while.

  • Kyatric, how do I contact Tom? I may be able to help - I know quite a lot about load balancing, networking and session management.

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