Ghost shooter games in arcade

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  • Hi.

    Well, first if all, I'm not sure if this topic belongs here but anyways.

    Everyday, 1-3 ghost shooter games are uploaded to Scirra arcade by beginners. I think there should be a law which forbids uploading Ghost shooter game on arcade, just my thoughts.

    If you don't agree, then you can take a look at shooter games in arcade. There's at least 1 ghost shooter in every 10-20 games.

    Dear beginners, please stop making ghost shooter games, or at least stop uploading them to arcade.

    Dear mods, please do something about this.

    PS: I' not trying to be a smart***!! This is just a simple suggestion.

    <font color=red>Again, sorry if this doesn't belong here, or it's against the rules to talk about this, or it has been discussed before.</font>

  • Gamer sadly the arcade seems pretty unregulated as far as the games people can upload, so this leads to a lot of duplicates of the tutorial or example games.

    I too find it extremely irritating, as well as the amount of rip-off games created off the back of legitimate, copyrighted games. I understand that there is a learning process and people might be pleased with doing a tutorial and seeing the results, but it devalues the arcade a bit to see the same thing uploaded time after time.

    A review process by moderators/admins would be great and would surely work to weed out the duplicate/beginner games. The downside to this is the workload increase for the mods and admins.

  • We used to have a review process but it was so time consuming there was no way we could possibly have continuously maintained it.

    Perhaps we need a separate category just for "ghost shooter" games :P

  • maybe you could add a newgrounds style rating to the arcade...

    if the rating is to bad, the game is kicked out of the arcade automatically and the user is notified

  • maybe you could add a newgrounds style rating to the arcade...

    if the rating is to bad, the game is kicked out of the arcade automatically and the user is notified

    Could be risky, if ratings aren't fair

  • I do agree with you all... Well, I have a little suggestion.

    A volunteer group of experienced and well-known people over forums can be made to check the scrappy games, and probably report them?

    It looks a bit weird, I know, but it might work.

  • I can be an agent to control and sort games out. But I'm affraid 90% of them will vanish in first hour of my cadency.

    Besides that, I 'am perfect candidate.

  • shinkan : Lol :D 90% of them!

    Well, there's a solution for that. A specific game will be deleted only if more than 50 or 75 percent of people in "Review group" confirm that it's scrappy?

  • Gamer I feel your pain...there's a lot of "games" on there, need flushing down a binary toilet...

  • Perhaps a category for the games to be Tested for a little time, so, users could decide to see the not reviewed games, or only the ones that are approuved (aka: if the game is just posted, within the 3 days, moderators can make what Gamer suggested) and after that period, the game will be published in the normal games

    I know it isn't perfect, but it is a first shield against that

  • Even if the rubbish was cleaned up, Tomorrow, unless some type of system is in place to sift out the future junk, it will soon be back to where it is now.

    The ideas above are sound enough, but the current system would work better with more people rating and commenting on games, at the moment, unrated and poor rated games, slide down the ladder...

    Problem is, it requires forum members participation in rating and commenting on the games...

    And that's the crux, as the majority are only here to sort out Their "How can I", once sorted They are off...

  • I feel there has to be something done; as the amount of new games that are just rubbish ( sorry to offend)... but today I went on the arcade and noticed the same person putting just 'photo's up ...and added about 7 games like this..this is potentially stopping the 'real games' being noticed and rated..

    I agree with a lot mentioned above.. yes maybe a team dedicated to reviewing, before they are rated by everyone else... and a fair rated system in place... right now it does make me feel that there are many taking advantage of being able to put anything up'

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  • When I see a tutorial game, or a tutorial game with new graphics, or a example game or example game with new graphics.

    I tear into them, 1 star them and tell them that they aren't learning anything by just uploading something. That's not coding, that's not creating that's just wasting your time and ours creating crap that no one wants.

    I suggest, that sans regulation - you just rate it low and tear them a new one. Maybe that will at least filter some of the trash that's on there.

    P E R H A P S

  • Perhaps link it to the Rep system.Although experienced developers just starting with C2 will be lumped in it will create a smaller pool or group of pools to regulate eg. 0-500, 501-999 etc

  • Ashley I wouldn't mind dedicating an hour each day to sifting through and deleting unwanted games from the arcade. I have the time to spare, and it's for the good of the arcade.

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