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  • Howdy,

    I do not know if or how recently this has been bought up but I use C2 Full though my Steam client. I was browsing the community section a short time ago and noticed that there are 36 threads and a single screenshot. I do not know how many of us use Steam to access their C2 but I is a shame that there is not exactly a lot of liveliness over there.

    I use royalty free assets to prototype and the thought occurred to me that if one could use Steam Workshop items to import them directly into the program this might draw more traffic though there. Would this be a possibility in the future? I know Fusion and I believe Game Maker have this and it would be great if Construct had this as well.

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  • Steam deleted a lot of topics last year. Mine included as I was annoyed at "STEAMS" poor support and unwillingness to fix authentication issues which made C2 unstable and prone to crashes.

    I know ashley/tom comment there if you raise a concern.

    But why comment there when you can comment here.

    part too: game assets, I don't understand how that works, but I can already do this by dragging my assets into c2. What you ideally need as a show case that people can choose assets and the internet is full of those.

  • Yea reading this article http://www.develop-online.net/news/upda ... am/0194370 got me thinking what if C2 could be used through steam. I did not buy my C2 license through steam, in fact I didn't know C2 was available on steam, but yes I think it would be very very cool to be able to access the steam community when developing a C2 game that would ultimately be something targeted for Steam.

    Slightly off topic, but Is it even possible for a C2 game to be officially integrated into Steam like any other PC/Mac app? It would be great to know.



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