Discussion: Ban affiliate links in tutorials?

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  • I know that this is potentially controversial, but I think this needs to be addressed.

    There are a number of affiliate links within recent tutorials. It's understandable, in this day and age affiliate marketing, link building, tiered recommendation ponzi schemes are a part of many people's income, but I think it's totally inappropriate for a site like this.

    I consider them bad, for a number of reasons, and I see them as spam. I know the ad world thrives on them, but I propose the following:

    If any 3rd party services are recommended or mentioned within tutorials, the links have to be clean. No affiliate IDs.

    Is this just me?

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  • It's fairly easy to strip the ids from a url.

    The question is, does the clickie? clicker? gain anything by keeping the id?

    Perhaps it should be in the rules that if it is part of an affiliate program, the poster should make that clear.

    That way it would behoove them to make an attempt to make it worthwhile for someone else.

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