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  • I found it a very interesting read on the brute force and cell collisions post and was thinking a "Best Practices" sticky thread would be very useful in which people can learn how Construct 2 processes things and how best to impliment various things into our projects?

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  • There is a "Best practices" manual article (which also links to the "Performance tips" article).

    Then, for more insight Ashley often posts technical blog articles and used to post them in the general blog section as well (some old articles are still worth).

    I'm not sure how yet another sticky would help when the articles are already available in relevant sections.

  • Also I got nice advices about best practices here: . I agree with I think a good thing would be a thread where the veteran C2 users share their experience, isn't it?

  • Kyatric, yeah but its not the sort of thing i was thinking along the lines of the example below:

    When checking collisions with the new cell method it was advised to put the object at the top of a given set of events in order for it to use the cell method rather than at the bottom which was previously recommended with the old brute force method. Just little things like that is useful knowledge that some users may not know or have never came across in the post's (as they are not all in one place). As Tarkion say's this would be for veteran users and the creators ofC2 to post

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