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    <p>Become a tank commander and defeat all enemy tanks in conflict area. Use WASD to move and mouse to shoot if you?re on desktop computer or touch screen controls if you?re on mobile device.</p><p>This game template uses tilemap object to decorate levels, that means you can easily build tons of different locations using one set of images. Even you can change or extend the current set. Simple & powerful enemy AI provides you with an awesome game experience ? just try to win!</p><h3>Features</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • .CAPX file (Fully customizable Construct 2 file)
    • HD graphics in pixel-art style (PNG & PSD included)
    • Sound FX and Music (All sounds and music are included)
    • Mobile & Desktop Ready (Optimized and ready for export)
    • Smart Enemy AI (No stupid enemies anymore)
    • Tilemap (Add limitless number of locations with ease)
    • Increasing Complexity (More enemies will be added if you won)
    • Mobile Controls (Thumbsticks on the screen)
    • Keyboard & Mouse (WASD and Mouse left button)
    • Score System (Latest and the best score)
    • Documentation (Help file for a quick start.)

    <h3>Note</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Make sure you have installed two behaviours listed below into your Construct 2:</p>

    • Bound To Layout Plus
    • Scroll To Plus

    <p>Forum thread and free download: </p><p>www.scirra.com/forum/behaviour-bound-to-layout-plus-scroll-to-plus_t87207</p>

    Use this topic to leave comments, ask questions and talk about Tank Arena

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