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  • Does this plugin has support for NWjs version 0.32.0?

  • Hi,

    Basic version 1.7 submitted to Scirra Store:

    Supported Nw.js version: 18.7 - 19.4 - 20.0 - 21.1 - 22.0 - 27.2 - 28.0 - 32.0

    Add nw.js 0.32.0 support [BETA]

    Add new management system for achievements (stored in memory)


  • Hey there! Just checking in - does this plugin work with the latest version of nw.js (v0.33.3)?

  • nw.js v0.33.3 compatibility should be available in December.

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  • Gotcha! I'll use 0.32 until then.

  • Heya! I followed all the instructions in the Quick Start guide, and just made a build of my game with some achievements set up (both published in Steamworks and in my client) - but whenever I launch the game (either by itself, or after replacing the local files and launching it through Steam) I get a black screen with nothing going on. I see a few others have had this issue - is there anything I might be doing wrong that's causing it?

  • For the record, I tried downgrading to NW.js 0.28 and seeing if it would work that way, but when I did the window wouldn't even open at all. I switched back to NW.js 0.32 and I'm back to getting the black screen.

  • Turns out I was using the wrong Steam SDK version. I fixed that and now it's working great! Wahoo!

  • Hi All

    Just wanted to find out if we can use this plugin with Steamworks SDK v1.43 or should we stick with v1.42?


  • Hi there!

    We can't cope with Steamworks(((

    SDK v1.44 , with Nwjs 32 - or error and black screen, although its cancellation is spelled out in the package.nw, and with Nwjs 36 under any conditions not downward.

    I work in the latest version of C2, builds run through Steam code for the beta test.

    Help!!! Really need to get the demo out and the release is not far off(

    Thanks in advance!

  • I'm getting blank screens on launch for both windows and mac versions of my game. Both run fine without the plugin. Would it be possible to get a refund as it seems the plugin is no longer compatible with the current NW.js or Steam SDK?

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