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    > Thanks for the response! Any rough estimate on a date when we can expect the update?


    The time to test it and build it, so ~3 to 6 days after the nw.js release.


    Thanks Really love how easy this plugin is to use. Great work!

  • Hi,

    A support for nw.js 0.27.0 was submitted to scirra store for Steam4C2-Basic v1.5.1


  • Hi,

    A support for nw.js 0.27.0 was submitted to scirra store for Steam4C2-Basic v1.5.1


    Thanks my dudes! I'm hoping to release on Steam next week and this is coming at the perfect time!

  • Have you plans for create Construct 3 port of this plugin?

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  • Have you plans for create Construct 3 port of this plugin?

    A C3 version is planned for 2018

  • Hi,

    After a few days, I'm still unable to make the achievements work in my game.

    Here's my test code

    When exported to Steam, the screen displays "SteamOK", then "Error" when I press spacebar (espace).

    I'm using NW.JS v0.27 (even though I can't preview the game with it for some reason) and the corresponding Steam4C2-Basic version.

    Is there anything else that should be configured in steamworks (except the normal configuration of achievements, as shown below the code) in order to have achievements to work?

    Any suggestion of what I'm doing wrong? AJ2DI maybe?


    [Edit] I'm using SDK with plugin v. 1.5.1, which seems correct. At the time of posting I was using SDK 1.42, but changing everything to didn't help in any way. I placed all the files from the SDK in the project files as mentionned in the plugin's documentation.

  • Hello Rable ,

    You can try to enable "Debug Mode" in plugin properties, the console should display a message about achievement on error/fail.


  • Hi MadSpy and thanks a lot for the help.

    I was very surprised to see the following error message in the console:

    The achievement name seems to be somehow not valid, even though it is just "test". I double checked that there was no space added in Steam, but it's not the case. As you can see from the screenshot in my previous post, the name seems to be the same in Steam and in the code so I'm still scratching my head here. I even tried to add a capital to "Test" in C2 in case it is the actually displayed name which needed to be put in the code, but it's not working either.

    Could the Uncaught ReferenceError be the problem?

    Anything else I can try?


  • Could the Uncaught ReferenceError be the problem?

    No, remove the line

    <script src="Steam4C2.js"></script>[/code:w0fmsgnb] in your index.html file and the warning message will disappear.
    Do you save and publish your achievements? You can hide them and publish them to test them in your beta branch so your players won't be spoiled while you are testing achievements.
  • It's working now! I just forgot to hit that big "publish" button at the back of the Steamworks interface.

    Thanks a lot for the help, MadSpy .

  • Hi,

    Basic version 1.6 submitted to Scirra Store:

    Supported Nw.js version: 18.7 - 19.4 - 20.0 - 21.1 - 22.0 - 27.2 - 28.0

    • Add nw.js 0.27.2 support
    • Add nw.js 0.28.0 support
    • Drop support for nw.js 20.3 - 23.0 - 24.0 - 27.0 (overlay and compatibility issues)
    • Update Steamworks SDK from 1.41 to v1.42
    • Fix typos in steamworks error log.


  • Thanks a lot for the update. This is much appreciated!

    Supporting NW 0.28 is life changing, as for some reason preview with NW didn't work with 0.27 for me.

    Updating to SDK 1.42 right now.

  • Support for nw.js 0.28.0, thats great news. Not too long to go before I can release my game on Steam and I will need this for achievements. Has anybody released a game recently using nw.js 0.28.0? Was wondering if it is stable and reliable .

    Does anybody have any advice on what the best version of nw.js is to use for a release on Steam?

    Thanks in advance

  • I'm encountering errors on Mac and Linux where the Mac build of my game won't display any form of popup or overlay (but otherwise starts up fine) and the Linux build (64bit) won't start up at all and simply displays a black screen. It won't get even far enough to display the Scirra loading screen.

    The plugin works perfect for me on Windows though. I made sure to add the correct arguments to package.json in all versions, and I *should* have all of the correct api files imported. So unless I'm missing something, by all rights this should work on Mac and Linux.

    I'm using nw.js 0.27.2, and the Steamworks SDK v1.42.

    I've been avoiding upgrading nw.js for fear of it destabilizing my game's build but should I go ahead and upgrade?

    I have another question as well. Assuming I can ever get the Linux version to run at all, how would I go about supporting 32bit and 64bit systems, given that the file is named the same between the two versions? Should I just drop 32bit support?

  • AJ2DI


    What's the difference between this plugin and this one: ... am4c2-2545 ?

    Thank you.

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