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    <p>Note: Geomorphic Gauntlet is targeted at beginner to advanced level C2 users.</p><p>Inspired by the mobile game 2048 - the little puzzler that had you sliding tiles around on a 4 by 4 square grid? </p><p>Well, you can now build your very own sliding puzzle game with the help of the "Slider Sanitarium" template. Found within is an engine that is not reliant on any external plugins (namely Rex's Moveto Behavior). A full-fledged mini-game with two levels is also provided in the template - bound to drive your player's insane with its simplicity of gameplay and addictiveness. </p><p>Have fun!</p><p>Here are the specifics of the template:</p>

    • The objective of the game is to move the red tile to the exit tile.
    • A new tile is added every turn.
    • All tiles will slide until they hit a wall or another tile.
    • Tiles of the same color will collapse into a single tile.
    • Movement is via keyboard arrow keys.
    • Two levels included.
    • UI includes a Number-of-Moves counter and a "You Win" graphic.
    • Comments included.
    • Implemented in 93 lines of code.

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