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Pack of sprites for RPG games, characters and their customization, interface, inventory, icons, environment elements.
  • Rogue Like Assets Pack — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <h3>Rogue Realms</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>The Rogue-Like Assets Pack is a collection of Retro 2d Pixel Graphics meant to create c Rogue-Like Game Or RPG.</p><p>This pack is continuing to be developed everyday and all updates are free! Pick this pack up while its cheap and feel free to tell me what you want added to this set in the comments section below. Currently as the pack stands, there are more than enough graphics to create a rogue-like or rpg game with. Because rpgs and dungeon rogue-like games can be so massive we will always continue to add more items, monsters and more to this pack!</p><h3>Currently Included in this set is:</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • 53 Item Icons
    • 6 Tile-sets(TiledMaps)
    • 8 World Animations
    • 39 Entities(Players/Npc's)
    • 8 HUD Elements
    • 55 Gathering Skill Graphics(Ores For Mining, Trees For Chopping, Mushrooms For Picking EX)
    • 6 Paperdolls(Item Overlays For Character So The Items Shows Up On Your Character When It Is Equipped)
    • Fog Overlay For Special Effects

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  • Hello Everyone, here are 5 free redeem codes! First come First Serve!

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  • Thanx. Pretty cool I'll have a look .

  • Awesome, anyone who uses up a free redeem code please let us know what you think of the assets in the comments! I would love the feedback.

  • Yeah almost forgot (working and all)

    Used this one R5BN-ZUNN-DGCM-F2JM-RC9A

    Thanx mon

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  • No problem! Only 2 Redeem codes left! Would anyone who got a free download be willing to do a review or rating? I would appreciate that very much if you have time.

  • no more free codes?

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