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    <p>"Nurture or Neglect?" places you in the role of GOD as you take to looking after or destroying GLOBS � cute little round blue beings whose role in life is only to blink (and to reproduce, of course). You cannot directly manipulate Globs, but you can shift the green-coloured earth that they walk upon. </p><p>The objective of the game is to use your mouse and drag the green tiles from under your Globs so that they can meet somewhere in their small confined game world of Globbledygook. Placing a green tile atop another gives you food, while placing another green tile atop food gives you a useful ladder.</p><p>"Nurture or Neglect?" comes with two simple game modes: Nurture asks that you grow a colony of 200 globs and Neglect asks that you destroy a colony of 200 globs.</p><p>No more mysteries for first time developers... you get to see how things are done with "Nurture or Neglect?". With copious comments in the source code to guide you along the way, why not invest in a copy today?</p>

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