Fuzzball's Fortress (With Source)

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    <p>Play and then explore the source code for Fuzzball's Fortress - a game that takes the main idea from Angry Birds and turns it on its table. Boasting 24 levels of puzzling fun, Fuzzball's Fortress brings together casual, physics, building, and sandbox together into one great package. The game can be easily expanded upon with a just text editor making it possible to release level packs. Most importantly, you get the full source code to Fuzzball's Fortress. </p><p>No more mysteries for first time developers... you get to see how things are done with Fuzzball's Fortress. With copious comments in the source code to guide you along the way, why not invest in a copy today?</p>

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  • Please note... Fuzzball's Fortress has a bug when working with r196 and above.

    Bug Reported:

    a) Playing a level and then right clicking will not work any longer.

    b) Physics Engine crash was also reported after playing for some time.

    A patch shall be issued shortly to rectify the bugs.

    In the interim, please use Fuzzball Fortress with r195 only.

    Older releases are available here - https://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases


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