Candy Can Combo (Templates)

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Button Combinations like in fightings, supports both keyboard and gamepads
  • Candy Can Combo — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    Live demo:

    <p>Ever dreaming creating puzzle match game with Construct? Is it possible to create one without using extra plugins?</p><p>Absolutelty! Now you are able to create professional match-3 just within few steps.</p><p>Design any puzzle sets you are always dream of. Lay some pads and set the goal. voila you are ready to play testing!</p><p>Features: </p>

    • no need for extra plugin
    • manual & auto candy placement(pre-laid candy or auto random)
    • fast & smooth candy movement
    • Accompanied with decent graphics
    • responsive swap control (tap or swipe both work)
    • auto border generation
    • auto spawning point
    • auto shuffle
    • iterative scoring multiplier
    • chain & combo mechanic
    • special candy for more extra crush
    • destructible back-plates
    • level progress saved in local storage

    <p>In short, all common features you can expect from most match-3 puzzle game but with an ease to create your own level design.</p>

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  • Update file to ver. 0.90

    Introducing extra special candy: mega combo by matching 7 candies in T-shape.

    It's a time blast candy!

    Check level 1 to see it.

  • This template is truly amazing.

    I have been following the development since the beginning in and the final product is great.


  • Thank you for kind words jogosgratispro

    Manual will be included soon.

  • Sweet candy deal

    16, 17, 18 Dec. 2015

    Only in Scirra store

  • Going to implement better shuffle-checking mechanic: accurate & efficient


    First job will filter pad that needs to be marked for possible swap area, done in initial gameplay and executed only once.

    Second job check possible swap for candies during the gameplay. One sensor checking in horizontal manner and another one checking in vertical manner.

  • Great job!!!

    I played your demo and I find it pretty amazing!

    One question though, why does it shuffle all the candies so often? and what triggers this shuffle?

  • Thank you exalted for your observation. I realized that the previous possible-swap checking was not perfect so I am working on this issue. An update will fix the unexpected shuffle for certain.

  • Update file to ver. 0.95

    - fixed undetected match by swap

    - fixed unpredicted shuffle

    - add 'shuffle' splash

  • If you encountered a problem with unresponsive match, try to change event 30 look into 'wait 2*dt seconds' then change the value into 'dt' or completely remove it. Thanks.

  • Guess what these buttons for

    update ver 0.98

    • instead of auto shuffle, now player can shuffle candies by them self
    • introducing power-ups!
  • Is this still in development? Are you still making improvements?

  • redrocket

    An update yes usually in 1 or 2 months to improve performance & tackle some bugs. Sometimes extra features being implemented or adjusted.

  • redrocket

    An update yes usually in 1 or 2 months to improve performance & tackle some bugs. Sometimes extra features being implemented or adjusted.

    There's a feature on some match3 games known as "chaining". You drag your finger over matches, which could be 4, 5, or more, and a line visually connects your selections. Could you implement that in this template, or rather a separate product?

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  • redrocket

    A visual cue for lining up matches right? Yes it would be possible to bring that to next update. To detect a match we just need utilize flood-fill. Basically flood-fill is well-known for all purpose techniques in major puzzle games.

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