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  • redrocket

    A visual cue for lining up matches right? Yes it would be possible to bring that to next update. To detect a match we just need utilize flood-fill. Basically flood-fill is well-known for all purpose techniques in major puzzle games.

    Okay. The game I'm referencing is Darkin. They implement diagonal matching, and include the visual line which connects the matches. So basically the feature is matching more than 3 tiles, and you're capable of matching diagonally.

  • redrocket

    Ah for line-match/connecting puzzle I already provided the source:

    So you don't need to buy my match-3 template

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  • redrocket

    Ah for line-match/connecting puzzle I already provided the source:

    So you don't need to buy my match-3 template

    Yep. That example is what I was asking about. BTW, your template is on my list to purchase. IMO, it's one of the top 3 offers on the store at the moment.

  • Truly amazing work!

    Just a few questions:

    1. Does it uses any non-official plugins?

    2. How many events does it have?

    3. Is there a manual (it seems like a big project)?


  • Iolva

    1. It just use standard default features from C2 so no additional plugin were involved.

    2. About 280 events for main gameplay

    3. The manual is not finished yet. I admit it is my weakest point at this stage.

  • I've bought your file. It contains many great logics but need better explanation to understand the flow concept. Did you finish created the manual?? )

  • This update supposed to introducing trap(s) as new feature, unfortunately it is still premature.

    So this update kind of maintenance release that fix several issue:

    (issue) shuffle can be executed while candies still moving, especially when pressing shuffle button consecutively

    (issue) rainbow candy sometimes not trigger sparks with certain candy color

    (issue) candy with strip does not crushed when touched by spark

  • alextro I can't open the demo in the store page, the loading gets stuck at about 75%. I tried it with all my phones and Windows computer.

  • Xavier

    Weird I experience the same problem too. Previously it works just fine. Must be something wrong with dropbox server then.

    edit: Now the link works normal again after I re-upload the source

  • alextro

    Yes now it works thank you. However the game is very very slow on one of the phones I have and I don't know why, I think it runs at around 5 fps, I tried all the browsers. It's a xiaomi mi3.

    On the iphone 5s it works fine, and these phones should have similar performance. :/

  • Xavier

    I would like to know too what makes similar hardware have such different performance. Because an OS, maybe?

  • alextro

    I've been able to test the .capx a little with my phones and I'd like to give you some suggestions on what I've found.

    Your code uses a lot of cpu, even if there is nothing going on.

    For example, when the game is waiting for a move and nothing is happening on screen, there is still a lot of cpu being used. In this state the game should have almost no cpu usage because there are no calculations to be made yet, but my phone is still at 10 fps when nothing is going on. The iPhone 5s has a better cpu so this is problably why it performs better, but still it shouldn't use that much cpu and your code should be optimized.

    An example using debug mode: on Level 1 the game is using around 40% cpu on my Intel 4460 core i5! That's a LOT, it needs to be optimized. Even a simple level like Level 2, it's using:

    30% cpu on my desktop i5

    40% on iPhone 5s

    80% on Xiaomi Mi3

    And for comparisons, the Bejeweled plugin by Rex found in the forum only uses 10% cpu on the Xiaomi Mi3.

    Another problem I've found is that if I create a square board, 6x6 for instance, nothing happens and I can't swap anything.

    It's a shame because I really like the final result and how easy it is to create your own shapes, but I think it need a lot of optimization and a cleaner code.

    To start I recommend that you delete all the disabled events and unused layouts and make the events more presentable. Separate different parts of the code with groups or different layouts, this way it's easier to debug and it's more organized.

  • Xavier

    Thank you for giving some insight from what you have experienced. I read that grouping events will add extra cpu usage, so I avoided utilizing that feature, but I'll consider your suggestion.

    Ah that a little strange when you arranged board in square or rectangle fashion and the game isn't playable. The simple work around is by putting a 'peg' over a pad (just only one) in that kind board arrangement. I'll Investigate this, because the problem was not exist in previous update and any board layout should be fine anyway.

  • So below is a hand drawing diagram visualization how match-3 game works in this template (more or less). Actually this flow chart helped me solving how combo & chain reaction should be executed in correct order.

  • it run slowly on my android device (demo). why?

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