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  • Arduino plugin — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>Control Arduinos with Construct 2. With this plugin you can access the input and output pins of any Arduino compatible board to create games and applications that interface with the physical world.</p><p>How about games that interact with desk lamps, fans, curtains or maybe aim lasers - or why not water gun turrets? Or games that you control with potentiometers, sliders, your proximity, heart rate or whatever sensors available? </p><p>The Arduino plugin lets you set all digital output pins (high/low), PWM pins for analog output (eg. to control servos or dim light), and read all digital and analog input pins - on any Arduino compatible microcontroller connected to your USB-port.</p><p>No Arduino programming skills required. Just upload the included Arduino sketch, run the included server program locally on your computer - and from now on all is done with Construct 2.</p><p>You can also use this plugin on mobile devices. Just make sure they are connected to the same network as the computer plugged to the Arduino.</p>

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  • its possibleto make that mind control thing?

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  • Hi Delgado,

    The hack shown in the video seems to use the serial interface on the Arduino. For now, this plugin does not have support for the serial interface, but we’ll take a look at it and try to implement it.

  • Hi, can you write what modules are not supported at moment?

  • Hi delgado

    We have updated our FAQ with this. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

  • Hello,

    How does Construct 2 interface with the Arduino? Bluetooth? Wifi?

    This plugin looks very promising!

  • Hello,

    How does Construct 2 interface with the Arduino? Bluetooth? Wifi?

    This plugin looks very promising!

    Hi jasmattkrz

    The Arduino has to be connected to a COM-port (via USB) on a computer running the Construct 2 page. Then - if you wish - other computers or mobile devices can also access it via the local wifi network.

    Hope that makes sense.

    BR, Jan

  • Yes, that makes sense. Thank you!

    Is it possible to read the tutorial PDF prior to purchase? I'd like to get a better grasp on the plugin's capabilities and workflow.

  • Yes - here is the tutorial:

  • Hello friend, with your plugin , I could read the temperature (LM35 or another) from a sensor in arduino ?

    My idea is to make a "heat meter", to emulate a "Happiness meter" , for an event.

  • Hi isasaurio

    Yes you can! Sounds like a fun idea

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  • Just wanted to say I bought this plugin (and additional tools) and so far it's definitely worth the price. It even saves me money by allowing me to use existing hardware (mobile phone, home WiFi, PC screen, tablet touchscreens) instead of having to buy dedicated hardware! Thank you to the Dev(s), and I hope some more people pick this up!

  • Omg this is amazing. It gives "construct" another and original level of meaning

  • So, jan2000 earlier you said that I needed "a computer running the Construct 2 page," but from the tutorial it looks like what you meant was a computer running the Construct 2 preview server.

    Is it true then that this can't be exported within a project (aka game) or have I interpreted this wrong?

    Thank you!

  • Hi jasmattkrz

    No it doesn't have to run on Construct 2 preview server. You could export for HTML5 and run it locally on i.e. an XAMPP server - or host it on a remote server. Thanx for the kind words BTW! And let us know of any questions.

    MACPK It's a good idea The electronics are actually really simple (and cheap). $3.88 for a standard Arduino Uno - to use with any button and a 10K resistor wired like this

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