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  • jan2000 oh cool, thanks for the links. that is really cheap and doesn't look to complicated to get connected.

  • Thanks again jan2000 ! I reworded my original question to be a little more to the point and less alarmist

    There just weren't any instructions included on how to export the project and make it work once it was out of Construct 2's preview mode, so I assumed that wasn't how the plugin was designed.

    I'd love to see an amended tutorial that covers exporting, since XAMPP seems a bit complicated for people like myself without networking experience. For example, do I need the XAMPP server and the breakout server running?

    Also, I was successfully using my phone on the network to control the Arduino plugged into my PC, but will I lose that functionality without the C2 preview server running (in which case, I might make my final "app" use the Multiplayer plugin and signalling server as well, which could even grant remote access).

    In a dream world I'd also love to know how you got the Arduino working over wifi with the ESP8266 But I know your time is valuable and that's beyond the scope of this plugin... so maybe if there were another plugin for Arduino Wifi I'd buy that, too (once I figure out how to get the Arduino plugin working in an exported project, anyway)!

    Thanks again!!

  • Hi jasmattkrz Thank you. It is common for all Construct 2 projects that they need to be hosted (remotely or locally) once exported as HTML5. But I have now included an XAMPP- tutorial in the documentation:

    I have also described how you can use it via mobile. Hope it helps you out!

    I haven't tried using the plugin with ESP8266 yet. But when I do, I will definitely write about it

  • I've read through the updated tutorial jan2000 , and I really appreciate the information! I will be away from my home computer for a week and a half, so I can't fully test my setup, but I'm grateful for your help and I'm excited to get back to development now that you've detailed the export process.

    Thank you again! Great customer support!

  • Hi jan2000

    Can the plugin use Bluetooth instead of Wifi ? Because I want to make a project that should also work outside the house, just by interfacing the board with the smartphone via Bluetooth.

  • Hi X3M - You have to run the C2 project and the Breakout server on a computer. Then you can also access the C2 web page on mobile - but only via wifi, not bluetooth. If you want to use it outside, you could just connect the computer to your mobile's wifi hotspot.

  • jan2000 Is there any chance that you will integrate Bluetooth in the future ? I don't know if its possible yet or not using Javascript

  • X3M No I don't think so. Bluetooth will require you to make a cordova app. I know cranberrygame has made a cordova BLE plugin, you could try that (I haven't tried it though, so don't know if it works).

  • I came across a new board that includes windows 10 and arduino at

    If I wanted to build a arduino robot/car, could this board just be plugged into it? How would it work and what other peripherals might it need?

    Thanks for making this plugin btw.


  • Hi hmott

    That is a pretty interesting board! For "only" controlling a robot though it might be a bit of an overkill. For what I have quickly read, it uses quite a lot of power and is hard to use with batteries. Also I am a little worried if the virtual COM-port it creates for the Arduino will work with this plugin. I think it would, but can't guarantee it 100%. Are you buying one in any case? If so, send me a PM and we can run a test.

    / Jan

  • jan2000

    I probably wont get it yet. But if I do, I'll let you know.

  • Hello, its possible to make GPS module and track signal?

  • Hi delgado - the GPS modules seem to use the serial connection, which is currently not supported. But you could always just use a mobile phone with the plugin to get GPS data. / Jan.

  • jan2000

    would a exported nwjs(node webkit) work? Rather than using a web server?



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  • Hi tomsstudio

    Yes good point - it would work too (I have just tested).

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