Alien Missile Bombardment (Templates)

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    <p>Armageddon awaits players who dare take on the Alien Missile Bombardment game. </p><p>Based off the Missile Command game of yesteryear from Atari Inc, you can now develop similar games using this no frills template. Easily add in your own powerups, different enemies and weapons, achievements and more.</p><p>Here is what you will find in the Alien Missile Bombardment template:</p>

    • Defend six cities from the falling alien missiles.
    • Randomly generated alien missiles that target the player's cities.
    • Player missiles that launch and detonate where the player last selected.
    • A scrolling playing area to give players even greater challenge. Just scroll your mouse or touch move near the left/right edge.
    • A warning symbol indication for when missiles are off-screen.
    • A scoreboard area showing relevant game information.
    • Obscuring clouds that inject that extra element of excitement.
    • 78 lines of source code; functionally grouped sections and minimal comments to help reduce cost!

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  • Please feel free to ask any questions about the template here... I shall be giving out hints, suggestions or providing simple explanations. Just ask, and I will try to get back to your queries as soon as I can.



    #1 - Do remember to check out the sprite objects since quite a number of instance variables are in play.

    #2 - The top most layer stays fixed in place because the Parallax setting is 0, 0. Hence, it's name - User Interface (or UI for short).

    #3 - For now, please note that the Missile Trail object (a 2x2 sprite) is overlapping on top of the Alien Missile sprite; to select it, use the Project Bar. We shall issue a new version later to correct this.

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