Xenoblade Chronicles - is anyone playing?

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  • Is anyone playing it?

    I must say that I'm absolutely amazed with this game. It is freaking wicked :D Guy who mayde it was working on secret of mana and chrono trigger. Already spend 56h + on it and it's still seams like there will be another 10h to go. Playing it with dolphin in 720 with 4aa and 8af. The gameplay is something betwen kotor, wow and ffXII but with very intriguing story. Anyone who is in to good rpgs must buy ( it's well priced ) and play this game :) Uploading some hd screenes.


  • Hmm... it does look interesting. But... erm, isn't using roms illegal? Or are you using an actual disk?

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  • I've bought the game in the shop. Dolphin plays original discs and images ~( it's better to make and use image of the disc cause it's works ways faster).

    This game is insanely addictive. Check out some reviews if youy want to find out more.

    edit@ You can buy it here

  • Wow, those screenshots remind me a LOT of Monster Hunter!

    And that's a good thing, by the way.

    I may buy it. I am intrigued, tough: by making it Wii only they are BEGGING for bad sales. I mean, most casual gamers (Wii owners) don't exactly play RPGs.

    Besides, the Wii is in it's ending stages because of the WiiU.

    Anyway, the game looks cool, thanks for the share.


  • velosotiago@ Monoloth Soft is owned by Nintendo, just like retro studios, so it's no supprise is an exlusive.

    I've got wii but as i said i play with emulator.

    I hope the sales will be good XD I encourage everyone to buy it. This way we can show to those companies that we want to play more great games like this one.

  • I'm not saying it was a surprise it was on a Nintendo console, I'm saying it was a surprise it was on the Wii. We are at week 62 since it launched and it sold ~150.210 copies, while Monster Hunter Tri (lauched when the Wii was in it's moment) had 1.600.000 sales at week 60.

    I believe that such a wonderful game on the DSi or the 3DS would sell better, even tough I only have a DS Lite. If you get my point.


  • it sold 150k copies in japan. we don't know the eur resoults since it has only been lounched last week on friday.

    if it would be on ds it would not look and sound as good ;P

  • True, but the 3DS has decent graphics.

    Oh, wow. My mistake. Still, Monster Hunter Tri sold 1,05M in Japan by the 60th week.

    I understand that Monster Hunter is a well-known frenchise in Japan, tough. But I still think it wasn't their best move.

    As for the game itself, it looks awesome. I may buy it.


  • yeah, shut up and buy it already ;) just kidd.

    Monster hunter is a massive game. My japanese firend who acctualy doesn't play games at all said too me once : just don't start playing monster hunter. XD

    btw. monolith soft is developing a secret project for wii u now :) xenoblade 2 maybe. will be exciting to se what will they come up with.

  • more screenes

  • Best eastern RPG in quite a while.

  • Best eastern RPG in quite a while.

    It truely is :)

  • I just finished the game and it was absolutely amazing trip. 115h+ and would have been more if i would have time to collect beast gear and wouldn't have to get cracking with life basicly. Awsome game! Nintendo proved that thei're masters of their cratf.

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