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  • Just got it and installed it.

    Seems very nice. Liking the 'peek' features. Also going to install Windows XP mode - should be very handy for testing Construct on Windows 7 and XP without rebooting.

    Anyone else got it or tried it?

  • I'm still running the release candidate from back in March, and before that I was using the beta, so I've been using it for almost a year now. Freaking love it; I'm hoping I'll be able to pick up the retail version at some point.

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  • It's the best Windows to use right now.

    Fuck Vista.

  • Got XP mode running very easily. In fact, everything seems very simple and easy. It does seem to be a good one!

  • Running Windows 7 x64 now. Its awesome.

  • Running Windows 7 x64 now. Its awesome.

    same here

    super stable, and silky smooth

    and the drag-a-window against the side of the screen side by side view is so useful it's ridiculous

  • Windows 7 appears to be the next "de facto standard" platform. Windows XP share is rapidly depleting in favor of Windows 7.

    I'll be getting it myself too as soon as I can find a reasonable offer.

  • In Poland Windows 7 is over 2x more expensive than in UK and USA, so I don't buy it - too expensive

  • Windows XP still has around a 66% share of Windows installs as far as I can tell from a quick Google - it's probably not going to change THAT quickly, so XP support will still be necessary for some time.

    Frustratingly, Windows 7 comes with a very nice Ribbon library built in to the OS, and it can be backported to Vista as well - but not Windows XP. That's a shame, because if everyone ditched XP, we could use a nice Windows 7 ribbon in Construct 2...

  • Well, it is not like Construct 2.0 would be released any soon, eh? By then Windows 7 would dominate over XP.

    It is a possibility to consider.

  • the drag-a-window against the side of the screen side by side view is so useful it's ridiculous

    This is the only feature I've seen in demo videos that looks like I might actually use, but even so I would probably only need it occasionally. What other features are actually useful?

    How is Pin really any different from QuickLaunch? And I don't really care about preview windows in my taskbar, I know what I'm running and where my files are. Likewise I don't care terribly about synching my media with other devices.

    Then again I did hold onto Win98 for a loooong time after XP came out because I didn't really see much reason to switch. And honestly - aside from software compatibility - I still don't. Other than it looks nicer.

  • Windows 7 is faster and more stable than Windows XP .. That could be a reason to switch.

  • Aero "shake". Grab a Window and shake it. Watch the magic.

  • the difference in pin and quicklaunch is that when pinning, it doesn't take up any extra space

    firefox, steam, itunes, and paint are open, the only difference is that there is a square around the one's that are open, if I right click, I can open the program with recently opened documents, for instance, I can right click construct, and open it with the last 5 caps

    also, by hovering the mouse over an open item on the bar, you can preview the window, to see what's going on, like how an install is going, etc.

    if that's too small,move your mouse over the preview, all other windows become transparent temporarily, and you can see the full window, click at this point, and this is the new active window.

    the bottom right little rectangle, closes all windows and shows desktop,

    click it again to restore the same windows

  • Windows 7 is faster and more stable than Windows XP .. That could be a reason to switch.

    Yes, I suppose that's true

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