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  • I only just upgraded from Windows ME to XP a year or so ago. Don't think I'll be bothered to get this yet.

  • I only just upgraded from Windows ME to XP a year or so ago. Don't think I'll be bothered to get this yet.

    The same. Use Windows XP SP2 Corporate Edition. Move to Windows 7? No, thanks! Next year I will install ReactOS.

  • > Running Windows 7 x64 now. Its awesome.


    same here

    super stable, and silky smooth

    and the drag-a-window against the side of the screen side by side view is so useful it's ridiculous

    I cant even install it, freezes at install.

    I'll wait till they fix their freaking drivers...

    Windows 7 is faster and more stable than Windows XP .. That could be a reason to switch.

    Benchmark results NOW!

  • Well, it is inconvenient for developers when people stick to old operating systems (god forbid anyone still uses ME), especially since XP and Vista have very different file structure & security models. Windows XP is 8 years old, which is like having to support Windows 98 in 2006. Sometimes, in cases like the Windows 7/Vista ribbon, or DirectX 11, useful features are actually cut because developers know it's too much effort to use a secondary system to support everyone who's still on XP, for example. This affects Construct, especially with DirectX 11. So it'd certainly benefit me if everyone kept up to date! No need to keep using old technologies when better ones are around, or write code twice when once could do. Still, I guess that's the way things will always work - upgrades are expensive, not always better (as the initial Vista showed us), and people have inertia about sticking to what they know, which is fair enough.

  • Well, Windows XP developers would still have Construct 1.0. Construct 2.0 should aim higher, is what I say. Hell, it could still support DX9 runtime, for exporting games to XP.

    However I am a little worried about the ribbon thingy - wouldn't it alienate Construct from other platforms? Aren't you going to make Construct more cross-platform?

  • I don't have any plans to have the IDE run on any other platforms. It'd be too difficult. Realistically with the work we can put in, porting the runtimes is the most feasible and useful thing to do.

  • Silly question, doesn't the Ribbon contained with .net require 3.5? Or did I misread something somewhere a long time ago?

  • I wasn't talking about .NET - most Windows libraries are unmanaged, then .NET wraps that.

  • Gotcha.

  • Ribbon: go for it. Soon MS will also stop supporting XP, as Vista becomes legacy and XP becomes... really old.

    Quicklaunch vs new taskbar: Installers cannot pin stuff for you, only the user can. No clutter yay!

    Also I became so used to all the UI perks (hovering to preview stuff like progress bars, putting windows side to side, etc) that I unconciously do it in my Vista box. And then I remember that Vista sucks.

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  • I get the feeling even in a year or so, if Construct 2 dropped support for XP loads of lurkers would suddenly come out of hiding and complain... XP ain't going away any time soon - but then again a few more years down the line, when XP really is dead, it'd be better if we did ditch XP support. Hmm...

  • It is not like Construct 2 would replace Construct 1. One for Windows 7 and other for Windows XP, I don't see a problem here.

  • Well whats keeping you from switching from Ms to some other platform? Is it that C++, and DirectX is so much easier to implement, or is there some other reason?

  • What do you mean? That we should go and make Construct for Mac OS X instead, and forget Windows completely?

    Nearly everyone uses Windows so it makes sense to reach the broadest number of people by developing for that platform. There's also inertia (I know the platform and technologies for Windows fairly well now), and despite what some people say, the platform is mature and pretty good, like DirectX for example.

  • Nah screw Macs.

    I just mean C++ is limiting in some regards. Same old thing, it would be nice if we didn't have to use proprietary software to make plugs. Not that I currently know how, and I would like to, but I would not get Windows C++ just for that reason.

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