Why is Stencyl doing better?

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  • ... As far as online programming goes - I hate it! All those ridiculous, subtle cross-browser differences

    But that's (part of) the appeal of C2 - it handles all those subtle (and not-so-subtle) browser differences for you in a totally transparent way.

  • Velojet That's exactly why I like C2 so much. I would never have the patients to write a JS game engine myself... well, maybe if I was determined to become the living dead <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" />.

  • the only reason I can see it doing better is because its pushing mobile development harder than web. Thats the current fad right now.

  • <IMHO>

    Stecyl LOOKS more polished to me (even with all this mess in UI, i mean polished graphics);

    It runs on wide range of platforms;

    It WILL support HTML5 in the future (well, as said officially);

    The game creating process seems more fluent, instead of Scirra's.

    The difference between Construct 2 and Stency is that Stencyl gives community what they demand right now (step-by-step in every direction), while Construct is growing in one direction (with huge step), then in another (another huge step).

    But I love Construct for better UI, for "no Flash" reason, for pricing system (though I dont want it to be cheap, cause there's no subscription, so no community growing - no money for devs).


  • Most game dev's i know loves construct and construct 2.The only gripe they have with this app is that it's an event driven app and that it does not support such a wide range off stuff.

  • The only advantage is that they're going full native, along with html5. And that's a great advantage imo. Html5 is not there yet and it appears it'll take a while to beat native if ever. Even with stuff like CocoonJS. It makes me sad every time i reopen Construct Classic and compare it with C2. C2 is doing great and all but still....

  • Hi,

    I dig up this topic just to say, I hesitate a lot between Stencyl and C2.

    For sure C2 is easier to use, while Stencyl is a bit more complex. Stencyl uses Haxe and can compile natively on several platforms.

    The fact is that to go on mobile, or in FGL or on Armor Games, Flash still the best option in this start of 2014.

    I have a few apps done with AS3 or Haxe on my old iPhone 3GS than run smoothly than HTML5 games actually.

    In the browser on PC, HTML5 could be better (becoz of WebGL better support).

    Anyway, I'm not sure it is worth trying to tell wich one do better, as it's a matter of choice and personnal preference. And quality of work When you go to big projects, it could be a big mess anyway.

    Look at games like "Papers please" coded in Haxe (OpenFL ex-NME) or CoinOp story coded with C2, the two are very well done.

    For now, the ease of C2 and the nice preview in browser make it a very good start, at least for beginners.

  • I just checked and v3.0 is out (6 months late....)! So, I'm going to give it a try - but before I do I'm betting that the C2 editor is still 100x better. However, it's a pity that mobile phones are not directly supported by C2 and probably never will be. I've been in denial about it for a while now.

    Personally I wish that C2 had been optimized to render directly for iOS and android, rather than for html5 - everyone owns a mobile and everyone plays games on their mobiles (ie a huge market) - NOT everyone visits Steam/Kong etc and plays games on their PC. A missed opportunity I fear...

  • Hi Colludium,

    The launch of Stencyl V3 was the reason of my post here, in fact <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    I don't know if we could think of "everyone has a mobile" and so on because there are multiple ways to play : browser, desktop, mobile, consoles. Steam/Kong/AG/NG etc. and the mobile stores reflects all these. Up to you to target each, and for sure HTML5 is not (yet) ready for all these platform (especialy mobile I agree with you).

    In the other hand, there are projects based on HTML5 for the desktop and the future, do you know this : https://turbulenz.com/ ? I played Polycraft and Denki Words, this is a nice platform to play + community.

    If C2 could target the Flash platform via Haxe/OpenFL like Stencyl do it would be great but that means rewrite all in Haxe ^^

  • jhice, that looks awesome!

    Sadly stencyl wants $200 per year to rent it's product. I hope it's excellent and vastly improved because that's quite a big ask...

  • PS : to avoid confusion, Turbulenz is a game engine written in Javascript, with a heavy SDK much like Unreal Engine SDK (but with no graphic editor), nothing comparable to Stencyl or C2

    Concerning the costs of each solution, I dont think it's a barrier in the case you want to monetize your game and try to do it. It is a false problem, but for others it could be important I agree with that. Like a craftsman, you've got to buy the tools you need and if this tools are a bit expensive, one day you can get them anyway

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  • I did have some interest in trying out the new Stencyl and had been waiting a LONG time for it to come out. Mainly interested in it since it now has the OpenFL/Haxe backend , which potentially should give it excellent performance. However after just trying the new demo, I have totally lost interest!

    Try opening up the basic platformer (2 sprites and one level) and compile it to a Windows .exe. It takes forever for such a simple game. Imagine trying to create a game and the continual waits every time you need to test your game. It would drive me nuts. And to compound this, having a subscription fee is ludicrous for a lone developer. Bad enough Adobe having only a subscription scheme, but for a one-man-band? Add to that, the Scratch "inspired" visual scripting and I have been turned off forever. C2 runs rings around this if you are after a visual coding approach.

    Which is a good thing, since I have my hands full with projects in C2 , GMS and currently learning the new Godot Engine (which I was going to start a thread here about, as no one seems to have mentioned it here yet). Too many engines often lead to too many choices...you need to pick your weapons and stick to them

  • I had a look at what they call their "best games", and they're all arcades. This tells me the program is limited in depth.

    But hey, I guess that's what many people want, so good luck to them.

  • last time I heard, Stencyl doesn't support exporting to HTML5 anymore (at least not officially). That's another reason to consider before going with Stencyl if you still want to go with HTML5 route.

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