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  • Go away from Weebly and do it through Wordpress/Joomla

    Also keep it flat and perhaps more like a landing page than a website.

  • Tetriser

    As Beaverlicious suggested, WordPress is very popular and an ok choice.

    I would also recommend Twitter Bootstrap.

    The advantage of that framework is that you won't get a hundreds of hacking attempts a day and if you have to or want to switch to a different host down the road, you just copy all the files and folders in your FTP root dir and ... move on.

    With WordPress, moving to a new host is possible but very time consuming.

    Chiao for now,


  • Thanks guys. There's a bunch of nice themes I can pick but some of them are premium themes which I have to purchase it by upgrading to WordPress Premium or purchase the theme one-by-one. Also, WordPress includes an upgrade to customize themes. I doesn't have money but I have a Coinbase Bitcoin wallet. Fortunately, WordPress support Bitcoin payments.

    But as I look, WordPress is different to Weebly. WordPress is more difficult to me. But I will try to learn from it.

    vancouver Beaverlicious

    Which website hosting service you use?

  • Look at the first post, because my website is finished (maybe...).

    I've update the website with:

    • Downloadable wallpapers page (planning to make another downloadables)
    • Like, Tweet and +1 buttons in the homepage, game pages, and the wallpapers page
    • New Google Custom Search
    • New theme
    • New page layouts
    • Disqus comments on game pages, and the wallpapers page
  • Where is the link?

  • Where is the link?

    Click on the globe on any of my posts here.

    But here's the link: (still using Weebly <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> )

  • Looks very good

  • Thanks, katzin .

  • Yeah it looks good

  • Yes, I would agree with You need to get domain and do domain mapping. Otherwise, and I mean no offense by this at all, it will look hokey. If you are trying to be a legitimate business then nothing looks more unprofessional, in my personal opinion, then a website that has no legitimate domain and/or email addresses from major providers such as gmail/yahoo/hotmail. Additionally, resources for WordPress are abundant. There are several hosting providers that offers specialized WordPress hosting accounts and will assist you with common issues.

  • Tetriser

    I use ASO (A Small Orange business package, $20/month)

    Been with them for about a year and considering a possible move to bluehost.

    What I like about ASO is that I was able to set custom MIME Types which I needed in order to make some of my apps (sound issues w IE) work.

    I think that both are great hosts. ASO comes with a free SSL when you chose the small business package.

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  • Thank you for those information. But I may don't need any custom domains as I'm not a commercial company (I'm an individual developer).

    I'm just want to promote my game minimally, through my website and social media networks.

  • [quote:3q82konc]@vancouver

    Which website hosting service you use?

    I use "A Small Orange".

    They are good, give me access to MIME Types but! I have no sound in IE (which means that I will have to address this issue soon and if it means moving to a new host, I might consider it.

    I hear good things about bluehost, especially for WP driven sites.

  • I just updated the website again, I just improved and added new things:

    • Re-arranged footer, you can now contact me in various services at the "Contact me" section
    • You can now see both released and upcoming games in the "Games" page
    • Added an Easter egg (shhh... it's a secret.)
    • Added "Donations" page, which there's many ways to give support and entertainment to me
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