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  • does anyone here uses ubuntu? an hour ago I installed ubuntu 10.10 using wubi installer, the installation was smooth but after the second reboot on the login screen, the system hangs up after 3-4 seconds there is no keyboard or mouse input. I googled for it but i couldn't understand a thing, since I'm totally new to linux.(just wanted to try it)

    any help?

    also I noticed on Wine HQ that construct was listed in running applications. Can ubuntu really run construct?

  • Hmmm. Never used the Wubi installer here, I've got a second hard drive on which I have Ubuntu installed.

  • well, maybe my keyboard(num lock and caps lock won't work) and mouse are freezing just after the login screen appears, but both respond for about 3-5 seconds and then freeze. Tried to search on google but couldn't find anything on this

  • Yeah i used ubuntu for about 5 minutes ,Then i ejected the cd and threw it against the wall,Ubuntu is the worst op ever.I got the same problems that you have.One prob with that op is that you have to do everything manually which can be a real pain.

  • I've always found Linux Mint (which is built upon Ubuntu) to be a very easy to use OS. I'll maybe have to test out Wine sometime with Construct to see how it works. I would suspect it might work ok since Construct uses older DirectX libraries.

  • removed ubuntu, couldn't find any help. Maybe i am just too retarded for linux but still i am going to another try and install mint, since the installation is pretty simple.

  • Ubuntu was a nice OS several releases back, but I found after every major release they'll break or change something that was once working perfectly well. I found it a constant battle to fix. I prefer centos(redhat) for stability despite not having the bells and whistles of other newer distros.

  • Make your own?

  • arrgh! linux hates me!

    Mint also couldn't get installed.The system hung up after the first reboot on the desktop with just a green background and cursor.

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  • I am running Ubuntu on a separate partition right now. I've never used Wubi despite being curious. However, I have use VirtualBox, it was very easy and worked well - a little slow as it shares resources with Windows.

  • I'm using it right now. Too bad I can;t get Construct to work on it.

  • Will there actually be a version for LINUX?

  • Will there actually be a version for LINUX?

    There's a good chance that Construct 2 compiles in Linux as well as a handful of other platforms. It's OpenGL based and designed with this in mind after all.

  • I've got 4 pc's in the house that all dual boot Ubuntu 10.04.

    2 desktops a laptop and a netbook, no problems.

  • I run Ubuntu Gnome (no Unity). I've never had any issues with the OS.

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