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    I've finally managed!

  • Grats!

  • bought my copy!

    I've seen how much polish you put on your regular hobby type caps and minigames, can't wait to see what you do for a commercial title. I'm not going to be able to play until later tonight though. have to finish up my commercial project, as well.

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  • Glad you made it, pity my bank account is completly dry at the moment and can't buy the beta. I'll have to wait until payday. How long the pre-order will last and will you change the price after?

  • Graphics look bad ass!

  • Got to 654 feet :)

    The Good..

    -Lots and lots of interesting effects

    -Great music & sounds

    -Lovely low-res graphics, although hard to read at times


    -One of the extremely few commercial CC games I've seen. Congrats!

    The Bad.. (well, maybe just things that bothered me a little)

    -Weird controls and no way to customize them. Have you looked into using the input plugin at all?

    -Very Confusing. I dunno what half of what I saw was or what I was supposed to do with it, and sometimes enemies would just burst out of thin air and kick my ass. After being so careful and planning all my moves for ~4 levels, that really pissed me off ^^;

    -Entering the keycode and such was kind of weird. Could you not just use edit boxes?

    -Inconsistent sounds. Some were very high quality and nice and others were obviously made with SFXR.

    -Pressing space during the "Davioware" intro and the game over screen restarts the music

    Anyway, I've only played it for about an hour, so I'm sure I'll figure everything out in time!

    Kudos for making it this far ;)

  • Hey, congrats Davioware! I guess you managed to finish your game first out of the two of us. XD

    Going to make a demo and video?

  • Where the LOOT. We need more LOOT.

  • Hey, thanks for the detailed reply Tokinsom.

    The controls will eventually be customizable, for now you can use joy to key to use a gamepad. And the game can be somewhat confusing for a newcomer; exploring the unknown as you venture higher is part of the progression and gameplay. I also thought pasting the code into the game would be easier since it's quite long.

    Thanks for finding that spacebar bug too. :)

  • These are my first impressions after a few games, I haven't yet grasped or mastered the game's entire system yet so I won't offer all of my thoughts as they are still developing, but I think my first impressions are still valuable.

    The input/keyboard system doesn't feel very good. The controls don't feel streamlined enough, some of the inputs just feel meaningless and it weakens the immersion of the game, most notably how the shop has 4 keys to buy when you use none of those keys elsewhere and how there is a button to cycle through the inventory but does nothing else. I think the reason some the controls are bad is because you didn't want to pause the game while the inventory/shop are open, so you created additional inputs. Of course as you play more you also adapt to the way the input works and it doesn't become too much of an issue, but I still think it could be better.

    My suggestions/thoughts about how it might be improved:

    - The potion amounts in the inventory menu are unnecessary, the amount of potions is already displayed with icons in the bottom right corner of the screen. Couldn't the life bottle be shown there too?

    - Is the inventory screen needed? If not, the 6 slot icons could be in a line at the bottom or something, which you can cycle through. If yes, then maybe it would be best to disable movements etc. so you can just use the arrow keys to move around the inventory (this saves having to have a cycle button) and also maybe an item description could be displayed as you cycle? I think I had a glove at one point but don't know what it did. A similar thing could also be said of the shop/witch.

    - I don't feel that having to hold left or right against a wall is necessary, I think while you're next to a wall you should automatically attach to it. Since you'll still slide down anyway, but just means you don't have to press left/right while also pressing Up. Is there ever a time where you don't need to hold left/right next to a wall anyway? Maybe it's just a D-Pad issue as holding 2 directions on a controller D-Pad is dum and sometimes doesn't work (i.e., you fall a lot by accident even when your trying to hold left and up) lol.

    The graphics are enjoyable for a resolution so small, there's tons of nice dynamic lighting effects and most things are highly animated. So far the small sprite sizes didn't cause too much difficulty in discernment, only sometimes when enemies overlap other things. The colour choices are all pretty pleasing. The effects for everything is satisfying and impacting: the subtle movement dust effects, the double jump violet glowing state, the fall effect, the screen transitions, etc. are all fantastic.

    I got a runtime error just after I tried starting a new game, this happened after I'd already died a few times though. I'm assuming this is a layout change bug or something with Construct though. Also is it possible to put all those .wav files a in a folder rather than have them swarming around the .exe file?

    I liked how the levels were different each time I went in, although one time there were balloon-like objects that took me to the top of a few areas really easily and it felt like I was cheating!

    Is it possible to have some video options? Like different scales/sizes, also are you able to put an option for that depixelize effect in as well (I'm really curious about how it would look!)?      

    By the way this is how I mapped my controls to my USB snes pad, if anyone has a better setup show me!link

    Even though a lot of this post I spent criticizing it, I am enjoying this game so far! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Just figured out you can change the screen size with F1 through I think F9.

    Also yeah the depixelize effect would be pretty cool here but I'm pretty sure you need to scale up your graphics before importing them for that to work.

    Davioware So, after 3 hours of climbing towers, flying fuzzy balloons, blowing sh*t up, teleporting, running for my life, swimming for my life, being eaten alive, pounced on, bitten, impaled, burned alive, falling to my death, and having my soul eaten, I'm pretty sure this is the best $5 I've spent in a long while XD; There's a lot more to this game than I thought, and I'm pretty sure I've hardly scratched the surface.

  • yeah, I only got a chance to turn it on for a minute to get a basic peek, not really enough to comment on gameplay.

    but as far as initial presentation, my critz are I don't like the weird nonwindowlike window in the center of my screen I can't drag around or hit maximize, or hit Esc - then choose go to full screen. and the pointer that stays visible, but doesn't seem to serve a function. and the game over screen that lasts a few seconds, but you can't skip.

    it does look cool though, the mix of retro and effects is interesting

  • Thanks for the feedback guys! I really appreciate it. I'm aware that the controls aren't perfect, I guess I just got so used to them that I decided they were good enough for this version. I'm glad you guys are enjoying it. What level have you made it to tokinsom?

  • Just the 3rd or 4th hatchery. It's too damn difficult :< Between the giant worm and the beetles and the hounds and the difficult controls/mechanics I just can't do it. Still trying though..

    I came close to finishing the 4th hatchery but I forgot to press up at the door, flew right through it, and landed on a beetle. Did the same thing later but landed on the worm. Perhaps simply touching the door could bring you to the next level?

    I really want to say you should lighten up the difficulty a bit (atleast for the Hatchery, that's a hell of a difficulty curve) but it's your game so :) I just fear whatever comes after the hatchery will be entirely impassable, especially to more modern/casual gamers.

  • I don't feel the game should be any easier, most of the deaths I've had so far seemed reasonable. However since the level layouts are so random I've found that the difficulty and flow varies considerably from game to game, sometimes you have really safe and easy spots but then other times there is much more intense moments.

    I've played 30 games so far, the main thing I'm not enjoying so far is the speed of the game -- I prefer a faster pace in action/arcade games like this. What contributes to this slightly slow feeling is: climbing speed feels a tad slow, especially when it seems like you spend most of the time doing it (even if it was just 10% faster lol). The in-between screens that aren't actually the game feel like they take too long (startup/gameover etc.) when I just want to keep playing the game, especially considering that people are going to be playing and dying over and over.

    I am really enjoying the atmosphere though and trying to reach greater heights! The enjoyment of discovering new areas etc. The hatchery, and the doors that take you too weird areas are really cool.

    Also do some of the random items do anything special (like the boots/gloves/wand), or are they just meant to be tossed around?

    This death made me laugh. Could I have used those exploding potions against them?

    <img src="" border="0" />

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