As of today,which one is faster Cocoon.IO or Cordova+WKWebv?

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  • I know Cocoon is usually disliked by Scirra folk, and that's their right, but I tested the new Cordova WKWebview enabled through Phonegap, and Cocoon.IO completely and utterly won the FPS battle. Phonegap couldn't hold it above 30FPS on low battery mode on iphone6 and Cocoon ran a smooth 60+fps on the same project.

    What are the benefits here? Where is the superduper almost native like performance with WKWebview+Phonegap? What am I missing?

    I'd really prefer to use phonegap because their renderer is much better than Canvas+ on my iPhone (which I use with webgl off) and also not paying 500USD for removal of logo is a nice thing to happen to a person, but FPS is dreadful.

    Am I missing something?

    What is your experience?

  • Cocoon is a rip off anyway. They only let you do 2 games of 50mb then you have to pay. They also disable the delete project buttons so you can't update or start new ones without paying. You can't even delete your account without contacting them. Fuck cocoon.

  • If they are just building an app with a WKWebView, then it would be using an identical engine to PhoneGap Build/Cordova, so it's odd there would be any performance difference. If you're only testing in low battery mode, maybe they're going against Apple's advice and ignoring low battery mode's throttling and rendering at full performance anyway? Dropping to 30 FPS is a battery saving technique so may be the expected result in power saving mode. Alternatively perhaps they're doing something like rendering at a lower resolution by default.

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  • Ashley

    I would like us to beat the pants off cocoon in the performance category/department, I never liked them that much anyway

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