stop with the new age pop music

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  • im sick of all these satanic videos, can't take it anymore people.

    do i have to escape and leave in an island?

    im not sure if their doing it to brainwash you anymore or their just doing it to get "shock" and "attention" because people talk about these stuff.

    im sick of lady gaga's goat heards, satanism and all this %^&*, same goes for jay-z and kanye.

    enough with the black and white pattern, enough with the cross on the crotch, enough GOATS and HORNS.

    ill just start listening to 80's music and be a weirdo.

  • Lmao yeah 80's music and being wierd tottally rockss!!!Welcome to Generation X.

  • cool im generation x i guess. i just like hall&oates, make luv and listen to the music, push it to the limit ect. i mean cmon man i understand 90's rock bands had pentagrams to be bad dudes but this one takes the cake

    kanye west - power - nice horns girls, oh you gonna execute that angel?

    jay-z swizz beats - on to the next one - a jesus cross with some bullet dildos flashing for half second? yes please + goat heads and black and white floor yeeey

    lady gaga alejandro - cross on the crotch? upside down? oh not satanic and all+ other stuff

    lady gaga bad romance - goatheads yeeeeeey

    lady gaga born this way - oh now your just joking with the 2 triangles

    lady gaga telephone - promoting gender change if you ask me.

    seriosuly guys, in my game there are hexagons stars and triangles, and demon penguins are not a game for children but CMON!

    i dont know how good the christian god is, or who is the good god, but im pretty sure jesus was a good guy, and seeing him for a flash second with some bullet dildos is not for me.

    i loved lady gaga ): i loved her voice ): but with the satanic videos and the "im dead give money to african kids" fund that probably gave money to the rich..i hate her.

    and swiss beatz became the same, he was "dead for money" too, and he was in that satanic video too.

    you wanna be inteligent? satanism can be looked as thinking that you have the power to change your future and focusing on you, but seriously these new videos take the cake.

    and giving kim kardashian a song just takes the cake, apperantly some cool nwo dude in the media world though its gonna be "cool"

    well the people arent that RETARDED i guess

  • This is where lady kaka is heading if she keeps up like that.You Evil Woman lol.

    <img src="">

  • I haven't seen thise videos but for me stuff that is happening in modern music is pile of poo anyway so I'm not listening to this crap as there is noting to listen to. ocasionaly one or two songs pop out but when you listen to the rest of the album you realising how boring it is. I've got few favorite bands which i'm sticking with and adding one new band to my catalouge every year or two, that's how misrable music is thise days.

    And in regards to satanism, everything that is against the laws of bible is satanic: Elvis was, the beatles ware, not even mentioning led zeppelin ( and their orgies). So it's nothing new. Only image is changing and becaming more and more seductive at the same time giving less and less interesting music.

  • ^- what megatronx said, pretty much same here though I do have probably larger music library from where I listen and about satanism (its all lol pretty much only ones really taking all that shit further are norge black metal bands but anyways I couldn't care less about religious stuff)

  • The ridiculous and controversial clothing of Gaga is why she's famous. If all Gaga had going for her was her music then she would already be forgotten.

    If you can get people talking then you can make up for your mediocre music.

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  • The ridiculous and controversial clothing of Gaga is why she's famous. If all Gaga had going for her was her music then she would already be forgotten.

    If you can get people talking then you can make up for your mediocre music.

    From what I've heard, she used to play piano and her music used to be rather tame. Just goes to show you the F'ed up society we live in.

  • Here's a fun fact, upside down crosses aren't actually satanism (from what I've read at least). People just think it is, when the Apostle Peter was to be crucified, he didn't want to have it done in the same manner as Jesus, so requested that he be crucified upside down. Because of this, the upside down cross is usually a symbol of respect for the Apostle Peter. I think the Catholics put more stock into that kind of thing than other demoninations though (There are a lot of things about Catholicism that I don't think is right at all, but that's a different story).

    I'm glad to see all those black metal/death metal bands giving props to Peter hehe

    And about black metal, lol, they're just doing it to look hard and shocking, whether they believe in it or not, not to mention make all the fans go, 'YEAH! I'm evil like you guys!' (yes I know there are exceptions, but cmon, most of them take a verse or something from the Bible and try to make it sound evil). Sells records I guess, but I bet if someone made an anti-muslim band, there'd be some huge uproar or something. (I'm not just throwing around these ideas, I used to listen to a fair bit of black metal and have a lot of friends that still do, I also had to do a speech on the whole thing and did quite a bit of research, so sit back down lol)

    Just to clarify, while I do not really want to turn this into a religious discussion, yes i AM a Christian, no I'm not a Catholic. I do not want to debate about all this, I mostly just made a post about the upside down cross thing, so for all those that want to disagree and argue with me or whatever, feel free, but know that you're not going to change my point of view, and I'd imagine I cannot change your point of view either. So let's save everyone the the annoyance of a big fight and agree to disagree Thank you, sorry if I derailed this thread

  • yea thats the story, i come from orthodox too.

    but even with that, satanists use the upside down cross as a perverse image just like the pentagram, especialy when you see in the video its on her crotch -_-

    im begginning to think their only doing it to get interest from all of us talking about it and thats just sad, it makes me want to hate her even more.

  • I guess they're going with any publicity is good publicity approach...

    People have been taking dumps on Christianity for years, and they will for years to come, can't really change that. Heck, it even said that would happen in the Bible haha.

    At the end of the day I guess, if you don't like it, don't watch it However, that still doesn't stop it from affecting other people who are watching it (kids for example), which is concerning.

  • I am now listening to Boom Boom Pow---Black Eyed Peas.I really do not want to discuss this a religion, yes, I am a Christian, no, I'm not Catholic. I do not want to debate about all this, I mostly just made ??a post on the inverted cross thing, so for all those who want to and I do not agree, arguing Ye Hao, at any time

  • I don't know if you're having a shot at me or agreeing with me!

    I might need you to clarify heheh

    Also I have no idea what that song is to be honest, I prefer proggressive metal, the virtuoso guitarists and the more powermetally stuff (as well as computer game music!)

  • i just found out gagas new song is called "judas" and the logo is a cross with a heard in it.

    i cant believe this %%@#% im starting to hate humanity SERIOUSLY?!


    all her songs are either satanic or they make you gay

  • There's actually a lot of references in her video clips to like, 'the unseeing eye' stuff and that whole 'ok sign' with your hand which is apparently also a gesture for 666?

    It could be her choice to do those things, or it could be the guy making the video clips, in any case, it just makes me laugh to see people trying so hard to appear 'evil', just don't let it affect you man, they're the ones being silly

    That's the reaction they WANT to get out of people.

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