stop with the new age pop music

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  • well the only reaction she got out of me is i will never listen or like her stuff ever again.

    i saw her "creative director" thats supposedly making this sick ##$#^$.

    some hag that looks like possessed on some photos.

    im making a game about all religions and cults and you dont see me go subliminal as hell.jeez

  • I couldn't care less about gaga or kanye. I'm not into either of their music, but chances are they or their video guy/gal is/are just atheist, and think "satanic" imagery looks cool . I haven't seen the videos, but I kinda agree. The pentagram looks cool, especially on fire. upside down crosses are thought of as symbolic of profound evil. In this sense that a villain can be awesome, even if they wouldn't be cool if they were real, like venom from spiderman comics, or sephiroth from ff7, sometimes people just think evil, dark, gothic stuff is cool in a fictional, visual context. I personally think most of the evil imagery does look cool. Demons are badass, depictions of hell are cool. the idea of selling souls is cool. Of course if any of it were real, I wouldn't want anything to do with a demon, or selling my soul. but it's just a music video.

    if you realize the people doing it are just using it the way you might put zeus or some egyptian god in a video game as a character, you'll realize to them it's not such a big deal. or what everyone else said about trying to get a reaction out of you. I'm sure in interviews and such they spout some bs about wanting to make a statement about society or some crap. but in reality both of them are pretty much bs artists with nothing significant to say.

  • 7am, waking up in the morning

    Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs

    Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal

    Seein� everything, the time is goin�

    Tickin� on and on, everybody�s rushin�

    Gotta get down to the bus stop

    Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends

    Kickin� in the front seat

    Sittin� in the back seat

    Gotta make my mind up

    Which seat can I take?

    It�s Friday, Friday

    Gotta get down on Friday

    Everybody�s lookin� forward to the weekend, weekend

    Friday, Friday

    Gettin� down on Friday

    Everybody�s lookin� forward to the weekend

  • The TRUE evil in music

  • Hell yeah David THAT'S MY JAM

    Personally, I like a little Satan in my music. Robert Johnson is awesome. If it weren't for Satan, we wouldn't have the blues, and if you don't know how important the blues are to modern music then shame on you.

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  • Its pretty obvious that Davids account has been hacked because no person in their right mind would post something like that.

  • I have no idea where you guys are getting this subliminal stuff.

    Any way, I'm off to go buy some cereal (sudden craving for Cap'n Crunch).

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