Spriter issue: Does anybody know about this?

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  • Do you ever get the feeling that you run into bugs/errors on popular software that happen to you and you only on the whole world?

    That is what im experiencing right now: I'd like to take advantage from the current Spriter sale, so I downloaded the last free version in order to test it.

    The thing doesn't even load, I get this weird error and then it closes:

    Of course, I tried the Spriter forums, but I got no response yet and im in a hurry because of the sale (Obviously I wont purchase it if it doesnt even work), so I post this here on the off chance that you guys know what is going on.

    As you can see, my system is in spanish, the rough translation is "Disk error". It seems that Spriter is somehow trying to access some nonexistent hdd/partition wich makes absolutely no sense...

    I tried reinstalling it, installing it on the secondary hdd, etc, to no avail. As far as I can tell, my computer is clean and I dont have any kind of problem with the miriad of software I use on it. Googling around I found some generic (as in not necessarily relative to Spriter) "fix" to this specific error involving editing window's registry, but the only thing it did is skip the error dialog, so Spriter crashes even faster.

    The funny thing is that I had an old free version already installed that I never got around to tinker with, but at least it loaded...

    Any help/Ideas? Thanks!

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