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  • hey guys, its kbd again

    (two times today!! where?s my badge!? :D)

    all constructers ( construct programmers ) ask this question


    If anyone could respond with a quick tutorial , he could help all the minecraft community

    Thats all folks!!

    A lonesome programmer


  • Er..Graphics Gale, Photoshop, Gimp, MSPaint, you name it. Also, google much? There are hundreds of pixel art tutorials out there.

    Good luck soldier.

    edit: Btw the open topic forum is more suited for this kind of stuff o. o

  • i know but how to use them , modelate your sprites , etc

    (awesome got my first comment in less then minutes)

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  • Well your post makes no sense ( are you a bot? :) )There's no such thing as how to make sprites. Like a predefined formula. Just experiment with the tools, practice, experiment, practice etc. Look how good pixel artists do their stuff etc.

  • Not sure what you mean, but you need, for the time being, to make a sprite OUTSIDE of Construct, then load it into the sprite object using the button(looks folder-ish).

    Said in pehaps a better way:

    1: Make your sprite.

    2:In Contruct make a ingame sprite object by double clicking(or right clicking) and choosing 'sprite'.

    2.1:(If the sprite box doesnt show up, or you already had a sprite object)find and double click the sprite object.

    3:In the pop-up box, press the folder(ish) button, and then choose your sprite image file.

  • i know guys but you can�t draw just like that (i mean even if you have graphics gale , you can�t use it) can you guys post the program you use and how to use

    it . It would help me alot

  • user mammoth had postet a nice site here

  • i know guys but you can?t draw just like that (i mean even if you have graphics gale , you can?t use it) can you guys post the program you use and how to use

    it . It would help me alot

    I use Graphics Gale...with a mouse and keyboard.

    (I seriously don't know what answers you were expecting aside from that lol)

    But yeah..wouldn't hurt to just check out the instruction manuals!

  • thanks vidi but tokinsom

    we all know that we have to use them , but i mean how to add onion skin open a new file things like this.

  • and plz suggest proframs and post the link for a tutorial

  • With all the leads already given, all left to you is to google those as keywords and find yourself a tutorial that suits you.

    Most of the time, official website for products holds documentation about how to use said program.

    You can also search on this forum, the question of "sprite drawing" has been treated in several topics already.

    Finaly, moving this topic, because indeed it belongs to "Other Topics" where other topics about the same subject have been posted (hint).

  • One source i use for instructions is YOUTUBE i use this for everything i want to learn to use, i just got Anim Studio and searched on YouTube and found a wealth of info on how to animate etc, so i recomend that for instructions as i find it easier to watch someone do it then i learn better than reading.

  • Thank you guys :D

  • Just a follow-up to this - I've no problem with making sprites, but I'd just like a steer on setting border transparency. Do I take it that it has to be done in a PNG using alpha transparency, then you bring it in to Construct 2 and the sprite shows up there with a transparent border? Thanks!

  • Yeh i set all mine in as it's free.

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