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  • you dont need to make borders transparent a program erase automaticaly

    the background (1 color background )

    heres the adress:

    his name is alfred spritesheet unpacker

  • Thanks, tonycrew - works a treat! (kbdmaster, Alferd Spritesheet Unpacker is for unpacking spritesheets - which is not my need at the moment, but may come in useful in the future.)

  • you can use a light table to draw all angles of movement and to easily manipulate your drawings. Here is a video on how to create your own light box. I made mine (portable) because I used an old scanner. it cost me around $10 at home depot and then of course destruction of the old scanner I never used, time and effort, etc. !

    This video was my inspiration and I hope it helps!

  • Nice one, Bob... but I still think it's a lot easier to set up elements in vector tools like inkscape and do the animations there - Undo-Button and all...

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The tutorials I am writing on inkscape should allow the simple creation of game art - with a lot of topics still in the pipeline (there is just not enough time in the day)....

  • Hi,

    Good topic at all.

    I have some questions:

    • SpriteAttack: Have you used table like wacom? Can I draw using keyboard and mouse as well without any wacom? Can Gimp or Inkscape handle onion animation?
  • SpriteAttack really nice tutorials :D

    i'll steal some of those techniques for a future game :D

  • - I use a wacom tablet for all my art [pixel, vector, digital painting and 3D] but it's just a matter of what you feel more comfortable with... Inkscape and Gimp work fine either way...

    As far as onionskin animation in Inkscape goes it's limited but works - see my latest tutorrial on animation:

    Ize - I am glad you like the tutorials and would like to see what you come up with.

  • SpriteAttack

    Thanks for your reply. I checked the birds tutorial you did, very nice colors and shapes. I started the Inkspace to try to do these birds alike yours and I got confused how gradient works under it. Very weird, not easy, different as CorelDRAW does.

    Later I will post here the picture I created, I think its OK but can be improve it further.

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  • Nice blog SpriteAttack

    Looking at your tutorials, it looks so simple ^^

    I'll have to install inkscape again some day and mess in it a bit.

  • I just wrote a tutorial on creating game assets with bitmap output in mind... It might be helpful for the Scirra community...

    <img src="" border="0" />


  • I use Anime Studio. It's really amazing that you can draw everything so quickly and still looks stylish and professional. And it's not that expensive as PhotoShop :)

  • Alex - Inkscape is free and so is gimp... ;)

  • The quick answer is: see video tutorials at

    In these tutorials you will learn how to:

    1) Draw and edit a vector image

    2) Raster images to vector images

    3) Make the first frame of a model

    4) Animate and make a sprite sheet

    5) In game testing       

  • Hey, man. Give Pro Motion a try, from Cosmigo. (Search "Pro Motion Cosmigo" or you probably won't find it). It costs a few dollars but it's a fantastically powerful tool built specifically for spriting. There are video tutorials on how to use it, and there's a manual with it.


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