Spine - 2d Skeletal animation tool

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  • Hi guys.

    Wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the tools board,... anyway.

    I'm really excited about this Spine tool

    Spine on Kickstarter

    What do you thing of it?

    and if someone knows, what would be needed to have this working with C2?

    You can download and try the tool here



    Can someone help me with posting links in the forum. I wanted to hyperlink where I had "spine tool" (nooooob <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle"> )


  • It looks a lot like Spriter.

    To use Spine in C2, I guess you'd need to make (in events) an engine that reads the exported json and extrapolate the animation on the sprites composing your character according to those datas.

    So you'd need also to create/import those sprites for each project.

    Gain more reputation and you'll be allowed to use the url tag to post hyperlinks.

  • That looks good. It's quite similar to Spriter, but I'll keep my eye on this because it has a lot of stuff familiar for me from 3D softwares. For example the keyframe time scaling and keyframes in different layers are important features for me. I would like to have actually any animation tool implemented into C2, in a way that I could export my game as an exe via node-webkit or CocoonJS.

  • It's not as intuitive as Spriter, but seems to have more features.

  • Hi Knudle,

    This is Mike. Edgar (called ?Lucid? here on the forums) and I are the co-creators of Spriter.

    Spine is indeed a lot like Spriter, in fact it was at least inspired in part by Spriter. To paraphrase from their comments, they were excited about Spriter and had been part of Spriter's forums but felt Spriter was taking longer than they wanted to wait and they worried Spriter would lack some of the features they wanted in a modular editor for the purpose of making their game project, so they decided to make Spine.

    Here's some things you should know about Spriter when comparing the two tools:

    1) Spriter is indeed taking longer than Spine to get to a version 1.0, but this is in very large part due to the intended scope and feature set we have planned for Spriter as well as our commitment to cooperation with the game development community during its development. An example of theses points is Spriter's data format which we took the extra time to make open from the beginning and co-developed with the community to insure the most flexibility it could offer while also insuring it would be very easy to add new features later without breaking backward compatibility.

    While our next build (which is getting close to being released) has a feature-set similar to that of Spine, we consider it and even the first version of 1.0 to be very much just the beginning of Spriter's development. Spriter is not just a tertiary product we're releasing on the way to making games, we are very dedicated to its continued growth, increased flexibility and useability. We both love designing and making tools which empower creativity and reduce the need for tedious aspects of game creation, and Spriter is the focal-point of that passion.

    2) Even though Spriter isn't at 1.0 yet, we have always provided and will continue to provide a well-featured free version of Spriter with the ability to export the actual optimized Spriter data for use in games. You can download the current beta version from here :


    Many people and game studios are publishing games with animations create with Spriter, and many more are doing so by the day.

    3) I think this point is the most important. Full Spriter support for Construct is already in the works and is a very high priority for us. See here:

    Spriter Plug for Construct 2

    Both Edgar (Lucid) and myself (Brashmonkey) are long time Construct users and supporters. (Check out how many plug-ins, feature improvements and bug-fixes Lucid has contributed to Construct Classic). I'm not mentioning this to pander for community support, but pointing out that Edgar and I have always had full, easy, and extremely flexible Spriter support for Construct 2 (and classic) very much in mind from the very inception of Spriter. In fact, the original Kickstarter campaign release of Spriter was made using Construct Classic. Because we are making our games with Construct 2 ourselves, its most definitely in our own best interest to get and keep Spriter and all of its up-coming features fully supported in Construct.

    As you can see, we've already begun working (with Ashley I should add) to not just add full Spriter support for Construct 2, but to do so in as flexible and optimized a way as possible...not just a quick logic-port of generic Spriter API to get it working...We want it working as best as possible, specifically for Construct...and as nicely integrated into Constructs plug-in UI as possible.


    Thanks for the kind words about Spriter's intuitiveness. It actually will be further improved in that regard after all the 1.0 features are in, once Edgar has the chance to put in all the mouse-over descriptions and first time user pop-up dialogues etc. Also, While currently Spine has a few features we do not, the next and future build releases will quickly rectify that.



  • , when I tried out Spriter for the first time sometime last year, I had an animation going within 10 minutes (including importing assets etc). With Spine, it took more than 10 minutes just to figure out the way it worked, and still got nowhere. I lost interest. I'm not one to read / watch tutorials until I get into the software more.

    Intuitiveness is more important to me than a huge feature list, as nice as that is. So congrats to you both on that front. Looking forward to the next builds of Spriter!

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  • I'm glad I made this post.

    I'm still very new here and although I saw spriter mentioned on the boards I didn't know much about it.

    Now having known that spriter will have support for C2 that is all I need to know.

    I will try spriter now.

    Thank you for your post Mike.

    Spriter is now being followed everywhere <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • i just liked the simple style but i think spriter is better and can be simpler than this ^^

  • Spine reached one of its stretch goals and now it can support generic java script, so construct 2 will be able to support it as soon as they implement it!


  • Would love to see Spine integration.

  • https://trello.com/card/generic-javascript-runtime/5131f92a7d6864661c002455/25

    Javascript runtime is done, but Nate's not very keen on working on a C2 plug-in...

    Is there anyone who can help? I know Ashley's swamped... Perhaps asking on this Trello ticket for support?? :D

  • Nobody? :(

  • It would be nice to see a C2 plugin for Spine! I would probably make a lot of use of it then!

  • I know the Spriter guys have gone through some rough times, I'm very sad upon their misfortune. Truth is, Spine is a superior tool. I've tried to communicate this several times, but Spriter lack every important tool an animator need: Control of timeline measurement, multiple timelines, post-construction modifications (good luck adding any sprite to an already done animation) and the feature lacking most of all: Curves.

    There will probably be very little support for Construct from Spine.

  • Really like where spine is going, also the updates rock... I thought that spriter will somewhat catch up, yet it doesn't seem so..

    Maybe in future someone will do the stretch on support to C2...

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