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  • I know the Spriter guys have gone through some rough times, I'm very sad upon their misfortune. Truth is, Spine is a superior tool. I've tried to communicate this several times, but Spriter lack every important tool an animator need: Control of timeline measurement, multiple timelines, post-construction modifications (good luck adding any sprite to an already done animation) and the feature lacking most of all: Curves.

    There will probably be very little support for Construct from Spine.

    Hi Julmust,

    To clarify, Spriter has had seperate timelines per object for the last couple of builds, and the new build which will most likely be released tomorrow finally has many of the post-construction features which we'd agree with you were long-overdue (like everything else, due to the delay) Speed curves are not in this build, but will definately be part of 1.0's feature set and in fact might appear in the following build.


    Mike at BrashMonkey

    Her's a video showcasing the features for the current build:

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    The part about the multiple timelines is almost exactly at the 10 minute mark.

  • I've tested this new version and it is fantastic. Spriter is really shaping up :D

  • As an animator, and having tried both software, I'd recommend placing a bet on spriter. At the moment it still lacks features and it won't be flexible enough for use on huge projects until several builds, but spine's classical systems are slow to use, while spriter is very swift and easy to use.

  • Currently Spriter does not work with Cocoonjs due to XML limitation in Cocoonjs.

    Spine doest not support or have any plugin for Construct 2...

    So any other tools that we can use that support cocoonjs and Construct 2 at the same time ?

  • Just wanted to show my support for Spriter. I've been using it on a pretty big Metroidvania game which is almost ready to show. There are some features missing like curves that will hopefully be implemented soon, but it is very capable software. I thought I read Spriter should work in CocoonJS soon too.

    Here are some images of my game from an old build. Hope to have some video soon so you can see how fluid Spriter animations are.

  • UberLou , nice graphics. I hope that Spriter would be compatible with cocoonjs soon... it should be their top priority. I think we all know that ludei is very slow updating cocoonjs,.. I dont expect them to add xml support anytime soon..

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  • tumira - I can't seem to find the post, but I thought I remember lucid saying the CocoonJS support was possible without XML.

  • UberLou and everybody who is interested with Spriter

    Just an update from lucid.


    Hey tumira. We have a. solution worked out we will implement on the way to 1.0 that we can do without any help from ludei.

    I bought the Pro license already.

  • tumira I'm also waiting for Spriter in CocoonJS. I desperately hope they work it out quickly, it is really a game changer imho. Spinal-based animation save a load of memory which crucial for mobile. So many potential :D.

  • This plugin might come handy. https://github.com/flyover/spine-c2-plugin Cheers

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