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  • Hello to all, sorry my English, my question the of if the Construct2 is very basic and can remain small or it is possible to create all the types of games 2D without limits. Last question is if you recommend to me to buy the license key

    Edited: where to buy Construct2 steam or here?

    that editor is best Gamemaker or Construct2?

  • Basically, you can make almost every 2D game you can think of.

    But there are a few limitations like performance or missing things like vector graphics.

    The nice thing is you can start with the free version to see if you like it.

  • Most limits i notice are limited graphics skills. Second most limiting i notice is the limited will to read the free manual, to follow the free tutorials and to watch the free youtube channels. I'm not a good salesman.

  • Avoid the Steam version - you will have more control over your purchase.

  • If you are trying to compare the two I would say they each have their place along with their own set of pros and cons. Either way I would try out the free version of both and see which you like more. I believe Game Maker is more robust and has had more general success with the popular indie games made with it but I much prefer Construct 2. Construct 2 has its limitations but once you learn it there isn't much I can think to do in a 2d game that I cannot do in Construct and most importantly I think working with C2 is just plain fun.

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  • Construct 2 has the ability to create any 2D game, and I'm sure it's powerful for you. So if you're serious about creating games and if you like Construct 2, buying the license is worth itself. Buy it here, it's more safe.

    I think Construct 2 is better than Game Maker, but it's a personal question - whichever suites you best.

  • Thank you very much for your answers, have helped me a lot the questions.

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