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  • Ever find yourself thinking �jeez I wish I didn�t have to deal with all this Construct stuff, I just want to make the graphics�? Well, I feel the exact opposite of that statement: I just want to use Construct and Python. Let�s collaborate and make a game; I�m less interested in creative control than I am in just being involved with a game. If anyone needs someone who is good at programming, mathematics, problem solving and is just shy of intermediate with Construct let me know.

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  • Hey, I'm about to get started on a huge project and could use some help. I will PM you my phone number. The project is too immense to type out. For me anyway. The best way to explain it is by talking about it.

    The basic idea (in vague terms):

    Set in WWII era (from 1938 to the fall of Germany)

    Takes place in America, England, Germany, Egypt, and maybe a few other places.

    Ancient Egypt (where vampires originate)

    Vampires (pretty much the main story element)

    1930-40's American mafia

    FBI and OSS (government corruption and shadow operations)

    British Intelligence (historically accurate. the britts trained the infant OSS which later became the CIA)

    Nazis (they end up creating wolf/human hybrids)

    That all may seem crazy, but trust me, it all ties in. A couple of friends of mine and I are working on the story. We plan to release the game like a TV show season. We'll create to entire first season, and release an episode a week. 12 Episodes total. 1-2 hours game play per episode.

    The overall plan is to create 3 seasons for a trilogy over 2-3 years.

    The game will feature full voice acting (that doesn't suck), a full orchestral soundtrack (I record for a living), and will be free for all (in the hopes that it will go viral and become HUGE.)

    We are crafting our story in a way that blends perfectly with true life history.

    I know it sounds a little crazy but it's gonna be very good. We could use some more advanced programing skill. On the team so far are 3 of us. My brother, me and a good friend. Perhaps you could be the fourth!

    (My brother and I were very good at MMF2 and since Construct is similar in it's events based stuff, we're not noobs or anything.)

  • Thank you to everyone who responded. I've joined a project.

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