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  • Hey guys,

    Im just interested, we obviously love games - what are people playing at the moment?

    I stumbled across a cool game that is in open beta called Wakfu (Its a final fantasy tactics style of mmo). I had looked at dofus in the past (wasnt overly impressed at the time), then dofus arena (that was a lot of fun!), but now Wakfu seems to be a nice combination of the two.

    Im not sure if its going to be p2p but you can still play it for a month before that happens.

  • Minecraft. Still.


  • Nothing....working on the rotary comp...

  • Mortal Kombat is still my most played game. I also just recently finished with Saints Row the Third and play Zelda Skyward Sword on and off.

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  • Tribes Ascend

  • Going to replay Skyrim using a different race, after finishing the main story arc using a Breton.

    Also playing Trine 2 and Freecell :)

  • battlefield 3

  • bf1942, swords and sandals and windows chess.

  • One more evening of SWTOR (trial period ends) and once again joining the real world at least till planetside 2 is released.

  • I just got Modern Warfare 3 for my PS 3. Just playing it.

  • I was playing Wakfu as well, but when I saw the p2p plans day before yesterday I stopped. Have a look at it, basically freebies can look but not touch in every single way. Pity, because it's really fun and aside from that horribly restrictive payment plan I'd love to recommend it.

    Aside from that, finally going to be playing Psychonauts, since it was cheap on Steam, same for Space Marine and then Kingdoms of Amalur when it comes out.

  • I used to play Wakfu too, but my ping was terrible so I stopped. Now I play TF2, mostly mods. And some eventual Diablo 2 Median XL, Pokemon and Minecraft with the Technic Pack

  • Project black sun, dustforce, and dungeon defenders (cant say I see the attraction with that one)

    I really enjoyed PBS but it felt unfinished at times. It relied too heavily on "visual storytelling" which wasnt very good, but everything else was great.

    Dustforce is really cool but I feel it wouldve made a better action/adventure game. Striving for perfection just to progress isnt very fun.

    Dungeon defenders is meh. Another game that wouldve made a better action/adventure. Tower defense is boring.

    Definitely recommend the first two though!

  • I am playing the game I am making, Does that count? <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • clockler

    Wow, your right - that payment plan is horrible, especially as im only getting in one good session a week. The payment itself however is reasonably inexpensive, I may give them 3 months when it launches.

    Skyrim is definately on the list for me.

    Tokinsom I was also not impressed with dungeon defenders (I may have set my expectation too high), I actually wish they made it more tower defense and less action/adventure lol :) Still the final result is just a weak combination of the two.

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