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  • How do we implement the OUYA SDK into our construct 2 projects? In other words, how do we build a game with construct 2 to be submitted for this competition?

    Nevermind, I just saw your other posts and it seem we need to use phonegap and implement the ODK that way. Which is fine, I just don't think my game will run very well using phonegap, but I will try it.

  • ArcadEd

    My game is not a action game and more a simple social game. I hope to have a working phonegap plugin by tomorrow for both phonegap and construct 2. But don't count on it.

  • That's cool, my first game was simple too and I compiled it with Phonegap/LowLatency audio plugin for both iOS and Droid and it works great.

    Looking forward to your plugin for sure, thanks.

  • Anyone who has a ouya now might be able to help. I want in on this competition.

  • Is anybody else making a game with Construct 2 for this competition?

    I'm getting very close to having something to share.

    Just wanting to know if anybody has created a controller plugin. Currently my game is fine with just UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT, and ENTER for controls so I have not further developed anything regarding the controller.

  • I have a prototype, but I'm banging my head on getting the phonegap instructions and getting it all working

    Also you got "enter" working. Does that map to one of the buttons or the start button?

    I also minimized my control scheme. It's a bit unpolished to use. But mine uses Left/Right   Up/Greenbutton(A on Xbox)

    I would love to submit it with some help. but I can't even get it to compile :(

  • jayderyu

    How fast can you download. I got a directory that i put together with some batch files that setup the project directory. Then you need to edit the android manifest so that the game shows up in the game section of the Ouya. And then there is a simple command to create the APK. I can zip it up and put it on my webserver if you like. Or I can compile it for you. Its up to you.

    I might not make the deadline for entry myself.

  • I really could use the compiling process. I hasn't managed to demo it yet either.

    I could use the compiling effort. I really appreciate the offer. I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later, but i'll take it :)

    dl.dropbox.com/u/14087254/DragonJoust.zip%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0exported for phonegap


    Afterward there is somekind of certificating? and as you same mainifest file to mod.

  • jayderyu

    Give me about 30 minutes and I'll compile it for you. I'll also zip up the project directory and you can download it.

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  • thank you so much. I know your rushing to get your own done so I super appreciate it :)

    One I have the apk, any last touches to do to it.

    Super thank you :)

  • jayderyu

    I got it compiled as a debug APK. It does run on the Ouya, i just don't know how to play it. It does show up in the games. I will PM you on where to get the APK.

  • thanks for the work.. I just realized that I forgot to leave a way for the gamepads to join the game without the gamepad buttons working. I upload a new version to DB(same link). I also left a PM about it and numerous apologies for missing this detail :(

    It shouldn't need anymore.

  • jayderyu

    Its done, now that i got the project directory made it take about 3 minutes to compile the APK. Same place as before.

    My game won't make it in the competition because i've been stuct on some game logic until today. Its just not ready.

  • sorry to hear your not going to make :(

    really... huh. I got the controls workign. then realized the sprite wasn't working :(

    fixed that. sorry one more time. If i win anything I will share :D

    Not positive i will win :P but I will if I do :

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