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  • Hello ! here a new one in the community. I am barely doing my first welcome tutorial, So far I have one question. Would it be possible to use Construct 2 to build games kind like Scrabble or Crossword and the hang man. More specific, does construct accepts algorithm logic by coding? Those are the kind of games I am in charge at my company so I am taking a look and construct looks great for html5 games I appreciate any comment regarding my question.

    quineto: The accepted word around here is that you pretty much can create any 2D game with Construct2.

    You can set the events and code an algorithm of yours, which makes C2 a non-limiting tool.

    You can check some of the tutorials available, some display "complex" algorithms like creating a memory match game or you can also check the how do I FAQ which contains topics and examples that will surely help you get a feel of what C2 is capable.

    hira: You can check the how to make a facebook game tutorial as a start, as well as check the previous links I've given (tutorials and how do I FAQ).

    Welcome to both of you and all the newcomers in the forums ! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Hi all! Yet another Construct 2 newbie here. I'm almost through the platformer tutorial and I'm finding the tool to be a real pleasure to use. We actually use Unity at my company but for rapid prototyping, Construct 2 seems to be much faster.

    A question: regarding platformer-style games, is there any way to set a tile's transparent pixels to be non-solid while the rest of the tile is solid? Thanks!

  • Hello World! ij3m here, after much dilly dallying I get to introduce myself. I'm thrilled to be on this community finally and I am all for diving in into the deep end of things. first question though, how do I change my avatar...?

  • Hello everybody! I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I just finished the first tutorial in which you create a top-down shooter. I really like this program and I hope to make some awesome games with it. I also hope to purchase the "Personal License" someday. Happy trails. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hey, lurked around the forums for far to long now, best introduce myself. I'm Oliver <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Going in to my last year of uni studying games design. Currently developing a game called "Forgotten Forest" and erm... This engine rocks my socks off.

  • Hello all,

    This look like a cool software. I use to work with RPG marker way back then :D. Hope ill be able to do something cool with this looks easy and non-programmer friendly to use. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • i am on old programmer in vb6 , right now studying , later planning to study c# also. I love Construct 2 , giving me lot fun than do other things in net.


  • Hi! I'm Erik. I've been posting here and there for a few months and wanted to formally introduce myself. I've been a Microsoft developer for about 8 years now, mostly doing enterprise stuff. Two years back I got into windows phone development and liked it. Mostly because working on the mobile platform was fun. This year I decided to start working on games because I like to doodle and dream up stuff a lot, so I figured I'd put it to good use.

    I worked with XNA for a while, but didn't like how exclusive it was. The other thing was annoying was how time consuming it was to do anything. XNA is powerful, but you have to roll your own framework basically. I've been using Construct 2 now for a little while and like the ease of use. I get enough complicated code at my day job...

    Personally, I garden like a boss, own three newts and have a really entitled cat. I'm from the Bay Area, so if you want to talk about really good food or how much the city is being overrun by bridge and tunnel /south bay folk, please continue.

  • Hi.

    My name is Vin�cius, from Brazil. Always have been a computer gamer since old DOS games like Doom and RoTT when I started playing at age of 7 with my dad.

    More than just an entertainment, it became a wold of possibilities, art, fun and creativity. It have been driving my imagination since I can remember, so that's when making games have become a dream, a hobby, a craft and hopefully, a full-time job someday.

    Construct 2 got my attention when I was looking my way through HTML5 development. To be honest, I underestimate it in the first time. When I give it a second chance, have proved to be a complete tool on the possibility of expansion.

    Now, I want to dive even more in to it, make proudly games and contribute to the community.

  • my name is asu and love t

  • <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> ???

  • Hi everyone. I bought C2 in the early adopter period because I knew it would be a good investment and HTML5 was the future. Only now I've I started working my way through the tutorials and the manual; I intend to start my first game later today, which will actually be a port of a game I made in Game Maker - a good chance to compare the 2 apps then :)

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  • Hi all! I'm Matteo and I'm writing from Italy.

    I found this community some months ago but now I have decided to be part of it!

    I'm making a lot of practice on Construct2 and I have a lot of ideas to concretise.

    See you soon!

  • Hi im Dylan im 33, i live in Wales,uk .

    I was inspired to learn how to make games after seeing a video of the creator of jet set willy, and how insane it made him and the homecomputer programmers of the 80s.:P

    Im Learning alot here, i never realy thought i could make games without a degree in maths, so im naturally very excited :)

    Im also very much into Christian theology, and just "life in Christ" in general, which has blown my mind and ive been writing music for year, inspired by all kind of music, especialy some of the games ive played such as planescape torment and fallout1/2.

    great to be here :)

    im inspired and hope i can inspire some day soon !!

    im also currently trying to learn some amstrad cpc basic which im finding alot easier since ive been exposed to contruct 2 tbh :)

  • Hello, I'm Aleksey. I'm 20. Live in St.Petersburg, Russia.

    I'm fond of new technologies, Microsoft's the most.

    Windows 8 Expert in Microsoft and Microsoft Student Partner, and I am proud of this very much.

    Love Construct, and believe will create a good game :)

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