The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • > Im just a person who has a dream to make a game


    So let's chat .... this is what I teach .... glad to have another "student"

    Hey! Can I be your student?

    I'm 18 and getting into Computer science major next year!

    I wanna become a game developer and would greatly appreciate your help!

  • Hello my name is Austin. I kinda just want the rep points. I found construct through google

  • nao sei falar ingles por isso nao

  • Hi, I'm new here. I want to make friends with you!

  • Hi, I am new here and I am die hard fan of construct 2 framework. I am working on construct 2 since 2 years. Hope will get a lot of help from other members on this forum and will share my experiences as well

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  • Hi!

    I'm a game developer and educator from Tel Aviv.

    I use C2 & C3 as a prototyping tool and also to teach people how to create games.

    For me, this is one of the most straight-forward engines out there.

    I just love it.

    Hope to get your helpful some day

  • I just like making games for fun.

  • Hello everyone,

    This Ashlyn Brooks and i am here to establish a connection with the youth of startup culture ,specially gaming enthusiasts.

    An Entrepreneur is here to invest in your innovative ideas.

  • Hey everyone,

    My name is Jake, I am a complete novice who wants to make a game. I am going to upload my draft so far and would love your guys feedback and advice. Also sorry in advanced for any noob questions

  • Just saying hi,

    I just want to make games

  • Hello everyone, I'm from Argentina, spanish speaker. I heard about construct 2 on reddit and I'm giving it a try. I'm absolutely novice on game programming and I'm very excited to start diving into it. Hope good things!

  • Hi, new to this. Love to make games.

  • Hello, i'm new here

    any tips from you ?

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