The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everyone my name is Mubs.

  • Hi!

    My name is Lucas and I am really into game dev!

    (I am very new to it though).

    I first learned about Construct 2 when I saw it in the credits for the 'There is no Game' game.

    I hope to create some cool games and possibly partner with some of you in future projects!

    Yours in development,


  • My Name is Muhammad Ahmad. I am a student of BSCS.

    I am very fond of games. I came to know about Construct2 from my Computer Professor.I hope to use it good.

  • Hello i am new, can i get some help?

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  • Hello i am new, can i get some help?



    Of course you can get help.

    Just ask your question in the most relevant section, which for questions is the Construct 2 or Construct 3 How Do I forum section.

  • Hii I am harshil. A newly introduced child to the game of computer. living in philippines metromanila. come and join me to create a game

  • Hello everyone my name is callum.

    I grew up with the Xbox 360 and the Wii i hope to create good games on construct 2 and i look forward to playing your's too.

  • Hellzo

  • Hi. My name is Vinícius Yokoyama and I'm 8 years old.

    My father is teaching me Construct 2 so I'll be able to create my own games.

  • Hello Earthlings!

    I'm very old Essence who is interested in different brain control things, like computer games.

    It's time to learn something new!

  • Daniel and I read an article

  • Thanks

  • Hello! I'm a graphic designer learning to program. Can't wait to start playing around with Construct 2!

  • Hola!

    I am James, and I have always dreamed about making games. I've different tools, engines, and frameworks, but most of them required some sort of coding. Not that coding is difficult, but I am very lazy. I just want to prototype my ideas as fast as possible.

    I hope that Construct2 can help me make games without getting bored down with endless coding, debugging, libraries, or frameworks.

  • Hi there, new developer for 2D(partial 3D objects) i would love make an RPG-TEMPORAL game, you know skill tree system, leveling, status, exp, mobs, npc, quest... so there go my answer its posibli make it throught Construct 2?

    A great day to everyone!


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