The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello! I'm a graphic designer learning to program. Can't wait to start playing around with Construct 2!

  • Hola!

    I am James, and I have always dreamed about making games. I've different tools, engines, and frameworks, but most of them required some sort of coding. Not that coding is difficult, but I am very lazy. I just want to prototype my ideas as fast as possible.

    I hope that Construct2 can help me make games without getting bored down with endless coding, debugging, libraries, or frameworks.

  • Hi there, new developer for 2D(partial 3D objects) i would love make an RPG-TEMPORAL game, you know skill tree system, leveling, status, exp, mobs, npc, quest... so there go my answer its posibli make it throught Construct 2?

    A great day to everyone!


  • Meu nome é Jeff The Killer, conheci o app pelo google

  • hi im making Pokemon RPG game its gonna be multiplayer and very much fun

  • Hi everyone! Newbie Game writer here! I hail from decades of programming in multiple languages, but didn't write too many games. I have often thought about game writing, but I want to do it as simply as I can. I don't really want to learn yet another language, and Construct 2 seems the way to go. I've tried some other game making platforms, each with their own features, but now onto Construct 2!

  • Hey Guys, Name's Iftee, am an Indie Game Dev. New to Construct 2, Wanna make Many friends in my short Journey

  • Hey, um... my name is Ellis but and this is not my first time using Construct 2 but I just decided to sign into their website so I can find out new stuffs that has been done with Construct 2.

    I found out about Construct 2 in a gaming tech camp. And it was really cool to learn how to make your own game

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  • Hi, people! My name is Victor

    I want to create a simple game for my children - to study chemistry.

    Help me, please, to start

  • Hi I am mikyla

  • Hey I'm Duncan, from UK, my step Daughter is hooked on gaming,mad about Minecraft.

    If I can help her to make a game it might open up all the other great games out there.

    My favorite games are Red Alert, and Rome / Medieval Total War

  • My name is Joseph and I'm very interested in making games but I've never learned coding or anything like that. Hoping to learn at least something new.

  • I'm new to make mobile games and I'm hoping this engine can be my first step~!

  • My name is xZilas, and I am a gameaholic, designing my next release :)

  • Hi there! My name is Fran. I am newbie here. Want to find here like-minded persons. Nice to meet you.

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