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  • Hi all.

    I run a coding school for children (teaching coding through games and robotics), in Brazil ( and i'm trying scirra to upload their games.


  • Roy Molina from Mexico

  • Hi, I'm Nathan Crane from England and I heard about construct 2 because one of my friends is an expert coder and I asked him how to code, and he told me about this software.

  • Hey, I'm Rafael from Brazil and I'm making an account now because I'm going to start helping my brother on his projects and also make my owns.

  • Greetings Everyone.

    My name is Edwin Rios from Studio82. You all may not know us right now but I feel positive that after a little hard work and some time you all will know who is Studio82. We are a passionate group of people who love to create and make new and exciting feelings for all to enjoy. As we branch out into this growing world of indie game developing we to leave our mark this indie history and in the hearts of gamers and developers every where.

    We have some great ideas that are still early in its infancy but we are working hard to present to you all something new, fun, and creative. So on behalf of Studio82 we thank Scirra for allowing software like this to be available to people we a dream and a passion to be creative and to everyone here lets make something special and keep indies alive and thriving!!



  • Hi everyone im new round here just saying hi seeing how everyone is - from GreenHood

  • Hi, I am Engima, I am the biggest fan of games. I like to play indoor, outdoor & virtual games. I am new in the forum. I hope everyone will help me on this forum. Thank you

  • Hello everyone!

  • i like games

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  • Estudante de desenvolvimento de jogos.

  • Hi Everyone! I'm making a 2d side scroller using some existing artwork from an illustrator with his permission. Please help me out if I get stuck big love! see you around!

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am a long time lurker and fan of Construct 2 and the amazing flexibility and power it brings with its visual scripting and intuitive workflow of the Engine. Its ease of use, combined with its powerful features have allowed me, someone without a coding or computer science background to have completed my first project, live and published on Google Play Store.

    With the sophistication of modern browser technology, html 5 and construct 2, this engine really puts a lot of potential into people's hands, and I have recommended it to several of my friends who want to get involved in game development in some fashion.

    Many other game engine’s are great but often they can be daunting to learn, as you have to understand the syntax of a language and all the layers of abstraction that comes with that. Construct 2 allows you, to learn these things as you build your game. Concepts such as Coroutines and other coding functions are easily and intuitively presented to the user in an easy to use manner.

    I would like to thank all the numerous tutorials and user created content on this website, that I have been reading and implementing into my skill set.

    Good luck all with your projects

  • This could be better...

  • Thanks a lot for construct, i like it, its easy and up to date, i want to make many games for my friends, lets fun

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