The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Kio será um jogo estilo ".io" onde será bem parecido com, porém com "classes" como Arqueiro, Mago e Guerreiro.

    O Guerreiro começará com uma Espada Velha, o Arqueiro com um Arco Curto e o Mago com uma Vareta.

    Cada um terá sua habilidade, o Guerreiro por exemplo, carregará um escudo, já o arqueiro, terá uma habilidade em que fará com que ele atire durante 5 segundos mais rápido e o Mago jogará uma bola de fogo.

    Teremos o machado, que será para as três classes, que servirá para pegar madeira e pedra, onde o jogador pode fazer várias coisas, como por exemplo o Muro, onde poderão fazer bases e uma Mina, onde ganhará Ouro, Muros de Pedra, uma defesa melhor e uma Torre, que atirará flechas nos invasores.

    Também haverá a opção de criar e entrar em Clans, onde os integrantes não poderão se atacar.

    Inicialmente é isso, essa será a base do jogo, poderemos ter mais atualizações e etc, como por exemplo um Guerreiro virar um Bersek, um Mago virar um Feiticeiro, e etc...

  • Hello, i'm Mike, I work as a desktop application developer during the day. I'm looking to develop games in my spare time. Thought I might try and learn construct 2 for cross platform development. I'd also like to teach my kids programming and thought this would be a great way for them to see their work in the market place.

  • Hello

  • Hey! I'm Nancy. I am interested in computer programming and learning how to build games and apps. I am new to this, so any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello everyone, I am Chris, a noob programmer from Germany. After playing many games in my spare time I wanted to learn, how they are made and how can I do this myself, so I came here

  • Hi I love Construct 2

    I heard about it at school.

  • Try Construct 3

    Develop games in your browser. Powerful, performant & highly capable.

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  • Hi there! Im a indie game developer called ShwineTax. Im making a horror, puzzle videogame called ShixTax. This game is in developing and some of your help will be so kind!

  • Hi there, I'm just trying this out as I would love to make my own game!

  • Hola que tal mi nombre es Adela Moreno y estoy iniciando en esto de la creación de juegos.

    Investigando encontré a construir 2 y me pareció la mejor opción para emprender mi proyecto.

  • Hello, my name is Michael, I found out about this from my school West High School, and I have a project to do for a class. So I thought what better way to show my creativity then by making a game!

  • Hi I'm Kris, a new game developer from the Netherlands.

    The dream is creating indie games, so I guess the dream starts here

  • Hi all,

    JenosaidoZombie here. I recently found out about Construct 2 and found the software very cool. I've uploaded my first game, One Life: The Generic Shooter in the shooter section. I look forward to creating more games and hopefully getting to know some of you awesome creators!

  • Hello, my name is Vinícius. It's a pleasure to know that I'm a member of this site. I'm Brazilian and I met this site in my game development course. My goal is to become a game developer and create a game that surpasses everything I've ever wanted to play. I want to treat everyone with equality and support the players with doubts and difficulties, always with care and attention. Someday, you'll see my nick at the top. With my determination, I hope to exceed my expectations.

  • Hi there. My name is Steven, and I heard about Construct 2 through multiple online videos and suggestions for starting out as a want-to-be game developer. It seemed really beginner friendly, so I downloaded it, and now here I am! If it turns out to be exactly what I hoped, I will probably end up buying the software. Thanks for reading!

  • Hi guys , i am from Portugal so sory if i ''miss on typing''

    I am here cause i am a creative person (at least is what my mom says) and i allways wanted to make a game and test de possibilities of my ideas.

    Thank you all for reeding my poor stuff.

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