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  • Boa noite, sou novo na área de jogos. Estou fazendo faculdade de games e me indicaram esta ferramenta pra começar a desenvolver jogos.

  • hai,i am prajwal from india and i have graduated engineering in computer science.

  • I have been coding for a long time now, mainly website work however I am branching out into game development. As a big gamer myself I would like to develop more games and improve my skills in this area. I'm also on Youtube doing random videos of playing games. If you want to check that out then

  • Hi, my friends, I just joined this page, and I hope we get along and learn as much as I can along with you. So here I will continue a good time learning the possible about construct 2.

  • Hi,

    My name's Andrew, and I am looking into making small games in my free time using Construct 2!

    I believe I first heard about this by a youtube named Nerd³, who used this software to make a small game of pool.

    My first project is a very simplistic, top-down, grid-based game, in which you navigate a grid to reach the end. I plan on developing this idea into something much more substantial, but for now, I will be happy if I can achieve this.

    As of right now, I work software support full time.

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  • LOL

  • Hi,

    My name is Doni.I am new in here and i did ever known a code.

    It was my first time try something like this.

    And I believe the people in this forum will share His/Her Knowledge

    Sorry for Bad English

    Because I am Asian

  • Hello world!

  • Hi guys im new here and am a beginner and would like some imput on which tutorial to start with to create a single player game that when members hits a specified number turns into multiplayer with teams that one can join when they hit a specified score. Also have the ability to play a sm single player like slot machine game inside of the other game like at a pit stop, as a beginner will i be able to understand enough to make this a reality? im willing to put time into it but id like to start and be finished within a week is that unrealistic i have basic knowledge of programming but the self confidence isnt at the same place due to not knowing if the goals are realistic i dont want to set my self up to fail. The game is based on a topic that is not out there yet so i would like for it to be good to make it harder for someone to want to copy and make same game just better. Any advise? Single mom on disability and really need to create something can provide at least any income. Thank you so much for your comments they are all welcome please share experiance. Thanks guys looking forward to meeting new interesting people like yourself and look forward to learning more and making some stuff happen.

  • Hi!

  • Hey im a starting game programmer

  • Hello!

  • Hey, everybody, my name is Kane and I just popped in to say Hi. I love to be a part of this community and I hope to have a good time here.

  • Hello everybody!

    Hope to find help when needed and give help if I'll be able to!


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