The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, am a student working with Construct2.

    I hope I'll be able to create many games with this even after.

    Gonna go back to reading all the valuable information in posts now...

  • Hello, I'm Aaron (noahpuppy1) I want make games

  • Hi guys,

    I'm the owner of Network Plus which will essentially be educational tools for sale to South African children. I want to provide our kids with a visual learning experience in line with our curriculum. This is a small start-up with me as the main developer working with experienced teachers as partners. This is a huge undertaking, but I am game. I have been a learning material developer for colleges for years, so I am experienced in that sense. I also do graphic design as a hobby and post on Pixabay. (Artsy Bee Digital).

    I'm looking for an easy to use game development platform as we have very little start-up capital and no programming experience. All our work so far has been done in Powerpoint, but our vision is to include gaming for our kids. Also looking for a quiz with result platform. All to be used on PC's and Android devices preferably offline. Our website will be launched soon.

    Any help or advice we can get will be much appreciated.

    Venita Oberholster

  • Hello.

    I am a 12 years old boy thah want to learn to construct games.


  • Hi, I'm a college student on a media course. Hoping that I can get a premium version of construct2 to make standalone games but for now will make use of the arcade Feedback on my stuff always appreciated xP


  • Hello I'm ActionPlay from , i start with Construct2 have almost 1 year , and here i find some new friends , and hope all people can make , excellent games , Thanks all of you.

  • Hello,

    I'm Raul, and I have 22 years old. I am from Romania, and for this year i started to learn and applied to do such a good games in Android. I hope will be a great year.

    Thank you all!

  • Hello I'm Iftikhar From Pakistan I Work And Live In The United Arab Emirates I'm A 3d Artist Graphics Designer And I'm Busy in Construct 2 To Make Beautiful Games I Use Blender And Construct 2 Only And Oggh Yea I'm A Professional Auto Car Body Maker Dented And Car Concept Artist But I Love To Make Games

  • Hi,

    My name is Romulus and I'm from Romania. I am really passionate about playing games however i've never created a game until the end(i've just played a little bit with some software). I hope this is going to be a step in a good direction and i can't wait to interact with you guys !

    See y'all around !

  • Hey,

    I'm Mary!

  • Hello fellow constucters,

    I'm Mark and live in the north east of Scotland. As someone who loves playing games ever since I got my first computer, (Commodore64) and console (Sega Master System) I feel now is the time to start making my own games because the technology and software available these days has made it so much simpler for complete beginners. When I went to college I studied Nautical Science which is worlds away from game making My occupation is a seaman and I work offshore on ships so all of this is new to me, I have no background or skills involving programming or anything with designing and making apps/games.

    After looking in to how to make games and reading about the many different game engines I decided Construct2 would be the easiest method for myself due to its simplicity for beginners. My intention is to learn as much as I can using all the wonderful tutorials and videos available here, then make my own games in my free time. When and if I make a game I think is really fun that others would enjoy playing then I will share it with others, but for now, my main focus is gaining knowledge & learning a new skill with Construct2. Having purchased a personal license I intend to start my first project tomorrow

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  • Hi, my name is Yuriy and I'm creator of project. So, I make tools for game developers and now I'm working on particle effects editor. It has a great potential. And I'm looking forward on cooperating with developers of Construct 2 to make integration of NeutrinoParticles effects with this engine. So, everybody who using Construct will have access to easy creating of great effects.

  • Hi to all. New to the forums Senior Game Artist interested on becoming a full time developer.

  • hello everyone! im Giovanni from italy, sorry for my english ^^

    i'm here because im thinking about buy C2, waiting for some promotion

  • Hi

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