The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi!

    According to my profile, my account is 160 days old... but I've only really started using it recently, so.... um. Hi.

    I have a web presence, which is mostly about art and stuff.

    By the way, this post totally isn't entirely for the badge thing... not at all. I am the kind of person who will continue playing a video game just for achievements, but that's totally different.

    I started using Construct with the intent of making a totally epic platform adventure game... judging by my progress, it will be available by Summer 2035.

  • Hi, I am sqiddster.

    I still build with lego and am proud to admit it ;)

    I find construct to be the best game design program that does not involve coding. The only reason that Game Maker is not out of business is because people don't know about c2. It really is leaps and bounds in front of the competition, and not even finished yet.

  • Du kommst nicht zuf�lligerweise aus �sterreich? O.O

    Nice to welcome you all there =)

  • Hello forums!

    I'm not exactly new here(have been around since we only had CC, but i figured I may as well make a real introduction.

    My real name is Stian(from norse Stigandr), I'm 16 and from Norway. My english language is therefore not perfect, but I try.

    I have made a few games in CC, and I am working on remaking them in C2. I know alot of stuff (mostly that random crap no one really needs to know<img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />). In addition to making/playing games I also draw digitally (I am planning on making a cartoon, but I never get myself to start).

    In games i prefer gamepley over graphics, so don't expect too good visuals from my games.

  • Hello All,

    My name is Shaun and I'm from the UK. I'm not new to making games, but I'm new to HTML5. In the past I made games using flash (Action Script 3).

    I have to say I enjoy using Construct 2, It takes the headache out of programming and lets me concentrate more on my art.

    Anyway ... See you in the forum :)

  • Hey,

    My name is Thiago Attianesi, I'm from Brasil. I'm a gamedesigner working in a indie company with some friends called Fan Studios ( Only in portuguese by now.

    I used classic construct to make prototypes games to programmers see the ideas and make in other languages, like XNA, C++, Java...

    Now I am really excited with contruct 2 and the power of Html5 and smartphones. Now I can make litle games and post online, I really glad with it. =)

  • Herro. Imma cupcake, and I be stealin' your muffins.

    I just finished the first tutorial for Construct2, and I'm mighty impressed. It reminds me of GameMaker in some ways, which is good, because GameMaker is the easiest game making tool I've ever come across (until now). It's only 2 weaknesses was that A) games made with it tended to be slow and B) it couldn't make online games that could run anywhere.

    I used to study game programming using C++, Visual Basic, and BlitzPlus as a hobby, so I can fully appreciate how much easier this is than coding from scratch.

    Seems I found the right solution. :)

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  • wellwell, hello there, I've been on here for a while now x) I am Mads, I am danish / swedish and I love Construct, that's all xD

    K thx baii

  • Hey Everyone,

    My name is Helen. I am looking forward to finding some useful information and friendly people here. Cheers.

  • Hello everybody ,

    my name is Carmine , I come from Italy but have been living in different countries for almost ten years .

    I ve always loved videogames , like any of use I guess !

    It is now very intruiguing and interesting to be able to make my own videogames.

    I haven t had a lot of time recently but I love scirra and construct2 from what I have seen and from the little projects that I have developed .

    This is a great program and I am going to buy it very soon .

  • Hello i am Maximilian "Omgitburns" Morales. I am a 17 year old furry gamer and i am aiming towards starting my own game company and make indie games that i like playing. I am currently a student at IT-Gymnasiet, Sk�vde, Sweden. I have wanted to be a game developer for many years and it has been my goal in life for a long time, i am using Construct 2 to increase my skill at game development before i jump over to working on alot more advanced engines that need programming.

  • Hello.

    Kestas, Lithuania.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Carlos Dias and i'm from Brazil.

    This year, I started to learn how to make games. I was using the Unity3D engine, but I decided to change because i was spending so much time in programming and wasting the time i could spend on design or other thing. So, I decided to chagen this and start to learn how to use the Construct and I am very surprise with this engine, so powerful and so simple. Thank you, guys.

  • Hi all. I'm Andrew Wooldridge (@triptych on twitter) and I work as a webdev at Yahoo! I've been a longstanding fan of web-based games and I've written a number of HTML5-based game engines using YUI3. I really want to push the envelope with HTML5-based games that are not only fun to play but evoke emotion and help create something unique to the web. You can find me all over the place if you look hard enough, and I hope to contribute here to some significant degree. I'm excited about the ability to create js based plugins, so I may be contributing in that area as well.

  • Hey guys im Nathanael

    just got construct 2 and it looks great. Popped by to say hello to all. Im a student studying programming and was always interested in game development

    I still need to learn a lot of stuff but i'm sure i'll make a nice game soon.

    Well i guess that's about it.

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