The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, My name is Melissa. I am from Tennessee. I heard about this site from a course on Udemy. I have developed an interest in programming and development and I am exploring to see if it is for me.

  • Olá!

    Meu nome é Marcelo e sou estudade de jogos digitais na Uniritter Porto Alegre/RS.

  • Hi people!

    I'm Leo, from Uruguay.

    I'm a 21 years student and i want to make games, i started to learn some Construct2 and i'm learning fast

    I love this community and in my country the game industry is moving forward!!

  • Oi sou brasileiro. sexo masculino 28 anos e gosto de jogos.

  • Hello, My name is Jeremy and I am from Michigan.

    I am 16 and have been into programming for over a year now. My Good friend John and I have a dream about creating video games together. And can't wait to see what happens in the upcoming years!

  • Hey I am Jason Mittef and I am doing Construct 2 for my Digital Technology project and it looks so easy and fun to use! I play Basketball and Piano and go to Rosmini College, New Zealand!

  • hi, mi name is jorge, but my friends call me Otani, im not very good speaking in english, but all i want to say is that i want to create a great videogame, thats my dream *0*

  • Uh...Hello? My name is Taylor. I use this website for a technology class at school and it has proven to work really well for me. Thanks for that!

    -Taylor Crooks

    Somerset College


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  • Hello everybody i'm new here but now enough to make games

    i've made one game called RPG MASTER hope you check it out

    hope to try out all of your games too


    the netherlands

  • Hello everyone! I am pleased to meet you all and wish to learn as much as possible from you. Thank you!

  • hehe

  • hi i am a new person to construct 2

  • Hello Im new to scirra and i wanna make a good games so if you intersted to join me please PM me


  • hi please i need help from making games 2D

    im very confused with the textures and terrains

    the most i dont know is from the script 2D project

    and PM me if someone can help

    and one more thing i need to know about the Script of 2D project

    if you very confused about what i write please PM me

  • Damian here, on the internet known as Insane Ukulele. From west side of Poland, 23 as of writing this and...

    I've been playing with Construct 2 Free Edition since January 2014, or even earlier. Made even a game for Candy Jam (TOO MUCH CANDY on Also made a few prototypes for my own platformer, but for now I was too busy to compile something decent. The Candy Jam game is something done out of these prototypes. And it will be the first to turn into full game once I will get a hold of personal license of C2.

    Also tried to build a shmup. That resulted in actual bullet shoot prototype, unintentional memory abuse and Alien Disaster-like thing, which I dismissed because I didn't have an idea for it (at first it was meant to be Super Hexagon with 2 triangles with scheme controls changing every level, it resulted in a mess). Might return to it at one point.

    As for something unrelated to C2... I paint a lot. And try to make a music. And some video game reviews. And other things...

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